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Establishing new types of communication structures

Communication is a key element in making innovation, especially in the agricultural, food and nutrition sector, more tangible and understandable for consumers. Previous communication approaches in the food sector essentially covered one dimension: from the company/institute to the consumer. Added to this is the clearly measurable loss of trust on the part of consumers, e.g. in the processing food industry.

The ACTinEITFood approach now makes it possible to create a two-dimensional information and discussion culture in which consumers and producers can enter into dialogue for the first time. This is intended to slowly restore the lost trust in food production through the active involvement of all relevant stakeholders.

2. Freising Nutrition Dialogue

2. Weimar Nutrition Dialogue

Our 'Communication Breakfast'

"Communication" at ACTinEITFood?

Communication, as a supporter of all ACTinEITFood projects, should help to inform consumers at all levels about the progress and innovative ideas in the agricultural and food sector and encourage dialogue! To this end, numerous events and conferences, as well as new interactive and hybrid event formats take place. We will enter into partnerships with major cities in order to provide even more visibility for innovations as well as points of contact for start-ups and initiatives.

What are we currently doing?

We are producing interviews with the project leaders of EIT Food projects that have won awards at the European level in order to make them accessible to the German public and thus further publicise innovations from all over Europe. For example you can find here a report about FarmInsect, a start up from our network.

And we are planning an event day in Berlin with many partners from the food and agricultural sectors, as well as various regional "citizen dialogues" between science, food producers and start-ups.

Selected interviews and reports:

Any more questions?

The ACTinEITFood Communication Team is happy to hear from members of the press, media, associations, start-ups and institutions who would like to work with us towards the goal of promoting an innovative, sustainable food supply!

In a nutshell:

ACTinEITFood has set itself the goal of developing novel communication structures in the food sector in order to facilitate a two-way culture of discussion between consumers and producers. The aim is to restore the consumer's lost trust in the entire value chain of food production with the help of events and conferences, online events, a citizen dialogue on all media levels as well as innovative communication projects.

Do you already know our new consumer platform FoodUnfolded®? A lot of information about healthy nutrition, understandable reports from science, or recipes and stories about new innovative projects in the countryside or in the city. A platform with reliable information and with a young group of authors from Austrian farmers to French chefs, from Italian scientists to English organic producers and many committed European journalists. But also just to read and enjoy...

Project lead

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Frank Horlbeck EIT Food West

Senior Regional Communications and Event Manager