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Innovation at ACTinEITFood

To realize our shared vision of transforming the food system sustainably, we bring together all stakeholders to develop a common agenda for its transformation and improvement.

Our mission is to accelerate and guide the innovation process to transform our food system in a sustainable and forward-looking way. We are committed to overcoming low consumer confidence, creating consumer-friendly foods for healthier diets, building a consumer-centric, connected food system, and improving sustainability by promoting a circular bioeconomy.

We are building an inclusive and innovative community that actively engages consumers and all value chain stakeholders by empowering them to actively participate in transforming the food system. This is how we manage to achieve change through innovation and do it with everyone together. Our approach puts consumer needs and concerns at the center of the food value chain by co-creating ideas for a more resource-efficient, safe, trustworthy and transparent food system.

Current Projects

An overview about current EIT Food Innovation projects can be found on our Innovation website. Additional information and specific innovation ideas are to be found on our Open innovation Platform HYPE where you can browse through campaigns and ideas, submit and manage own ideas, get inspired and co-create with others.

Selected projects involving ActinEITFood partners:

  • Constituent sensing of small grains
  • “LINKDAPA”: Linking multi-source data for adoption of precision agriculture: Providing precision agriculture solutions for farmers
  • DACWEED: Detection and ACtuation system for WEED management: Enabling more effective and efficient weed control
  • FROM WASTE TO FARM: insect larvae as tool for welfare improvement in poultry
  • SeaCH4NGE: Seaweed supplementation to mitigate methane (CH4) emissions by cattle
  • PHENOLIVA: Treatment and valorisation of olive mill wastes - Application of olive polyphenols to food


In her role as Innovation Manager at EIT Food within the ACTinEITFood team, Yu-Mi supports the innovation activities of EIT Food Central partners and their consortia, from initial networking, co-creation, and outreach events, to assisting in the creation of the innovation project proposal, to helping implement and disseminate innovation activities that transform our food system. To this end, open innovation activities (Co-Creation Sessions; Ideation Sessions; Matchmaking Events) with partners outside EIT Food, organized by Marie, are crucial to guide creativity and foster systemic thinking and forward-looking solutions that fit the vision and mission of EIT Food. Funded EIT Food innovation activities must have a high degree of maturity with a clear path to market/commercialization.

In addition to supporting the EIT Food calls for innovation activities, Yu-Mi has an overview of the regional, national and international funding landscape. This enables her to advise the EIT Food partner network on how to find further funding opportunities to accelerate the implementation of innovation activities and increase their impact. Yu-Mi is committed to fostering an open innovation mindset within EIT Food and its partners to engage, share ideas and collaborate creatively with all relevant agri-food stakeholders.

Contact Yu-Mi if you

  • Want to know more about EIT Food innovation activities and the EIT Food Call for Innovations
  • Need help in submitting EIT Food proposals
  • Want to bring your innovation proposal to the next level
  • Are looking for consortia partner for EIT Food Innovation activities
  • Want to Steer innovation related exchange dedicated to a specific EIT Food challenge/impact
  • Want to promote your innovation activity within and beyond the EIT Food network
  • Need expert advice and networks from our EIT Food Partners
  • Are planning to initiate innovation related events or workshops/co-creation sessions
  • Want to deep dive to create new innovation projects
  • Need help with EIT Food innovation portals (HYPE, EIT Food Plaza)