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Business Creation at ACTinEITFood

To feed 10 billion people by 2050, we need to radically transform our entire food system. Less than 4% of all EU startups are in agrifood and there is so much more potential! Therefore, our mission to build an inspiring innovative and inclusive community of entrepreneurs is crucial to create a sustainable, healthy and trusted food system that works for people and for the planet.

The activities of EIT Food’s Business Creation aim to bring all players together and guide and accelerate the innovation process that will transform the food system. In the face of enormous economic and business challenge, the key is collaboration. Startups need funding and scale, corporates need agility and innovation, investors need fast businesses to invest in.

EIT Food Business Creation supports entrepreneurs to launch, accelerate and scale agrifood businesses across Europe, driving innovation to meet the big food challenges we face, to create a healthier, more trusted and sustainable food system.​

As a Business Creation Manager for ACTinEITFood, Marie's main goal is to support impactful agrifood Startups, SME’s and Corporates in making innovation happen along the whole food value chain.

By collaborating with the local Startup and Innovation Ecosystem, universities, investor’s, SME’s and our corporate partners, it’s all about supporting and facilitating collaborations to drive innovation and a startup culture within our food sector. She provides (future) entrepreneurs, Startups and SME with the right tools, knowledge, tailor-made programs and a supportive network of industry experts and experienced entrepreneurs in order to locally anchor EIT Food’s Business Creation pan-european activities.

Her main activities:

  • Tailor-made Workshops for SME’s (e.g. How to collaborate with Startups) and Startups (e.g. fundraising opportunities / find your co-founder/ how to collaborate with a corporate)
  • Co-hosting of events
  • Support in definition and facilitation of corporate challenges for your established company
  • Local Startup and Ecosystem support

Current project: Digital Agriculture for Sustainable Food Systems - an EIT Food and LfL Challenge powered by Siemens

EIT Food and the Bavarian state agency for agriculture (LfL) join forces to tackle the challenge: reduction of chemical plant protection measures by launching Digital Agriculture for Sustainable Food Systems - an EIT Food and LfL Challenge - powered by Siemens. In this project we'll identify the best tangible tech solutions to reduce the environmental impact of Agriculture - and provide them with a unique soft-landing program tailored to their need in the region of Ruhstorf, Germany.

Let’s connect and ACTinEITFood:

  • If you are a Startup you want to learn more about our activities for agrifood Startups in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands
  • If you are a multiplicator who wants to get in touch for a potential cooperation
  • If you are a corporate/SME looking for impactful agrifood solutions and transformation within your company
  • If you are and investor looking for impactful Startups
  • If you are interested in our local activities such as Corporate Challenges, the Startup Forum or our founder’s round table!
  • Any other business? Get in touch!

Project lead

Central_Marie Ammann
Marie Ammann EIT Food West

Business Creation Manager ACTinEITFood