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EIT Food South

In the heart of Southern Europe's agrifood sector, we're cultivating a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. Through strategic partnerships and pioneering research, we're empowering visionary minds to revolutionize traditional practices and propel the industry forward.

Shaping a future where bold ideas and sustainable solutions converge, creating a thriving ecosystem that nourishes both people and the planet!

Meet EIT Food South

Established in Spain in 2017, EIT Food South plays a pivotal role in fostering collaboration among esteemed entities including businesses, universities, research centers, institutes, and startups. Spanning across Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Italy, Israel, Greece, Portugal and Türkiye our collective mission is to bridge gaps and cultivate synergies within the agrifood sector.

Embracing a consumer-centric ethos, our primary objective is to champion a healthier lifestyle for citizens. We achieve this by fostering high-value-added cooperation and integration across the food innovation landscape. Through a multifaceted approach that prioritizes innovation, talent development, and active consumer engagement, we endeavor to catalyze positive change within the industry. Our initiatives are designed not only to spur innovation but also to empower individuals to make informed choices about their food consumption habits, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes for all.

Activity Report 2023: Making an Impact Across the Food System

2023 was a remarkable year for EIT Food South, as we celebrated our 5th anniversary and organised groundbreaking activities for the agrifood sector.

Our 2023 Activity Report showcases our dedicated team, 3 missions, and the significant impact we have made. Discover our most successful initiatives of the year and gain insights into our achievements. Download your free copy now ⬇️

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regional blog
In this blog, we explore a day in the life of a product line worker who is a lecturer in the Nişantaşı University Gastronomy and Culinary Department.
regional blog
For International Women's Day, we honor the extraordinary contributions of women in the agrifood sector, embodying resilience, innovation, and leadership.

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Innovation projects

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Develop in-depth knowledge about food systems through studying consecutively at three distinct European academic institutions and use your knowledge to drive the future transformation of the food system.
Think Tank convenes selected stakeholders and partners, fostering broad and inclusive participation to overcome barriers to innovation in the field of protein diversification.

Meet the EIT Food South team

    Begon âa Perez Villarreal2 1

    Begoña Pérez-Villarreal

    Regional Director – EIT Food South
    Carmen Galindo3 2

    Carmen Galindo

    Key Account Manager
    Paula Hafner01

    Paula Hafner

    Key Account Manager
    Daniel de la Nogal

    Daniel de la Nogal

    Regional Key Account Manager
    Teresa Aguirre03

    Teresa Aguirre

    Ecosystem Manager
    Retratos EIT 012

    Laura Ezcurra

    EcoSystem Manager
    Amelia Arnoult001

    Amélia Arnoult

    Ecosystem Manager South
    Pic elvira

    Elvira Domingo

    Regional Impact Portfolio Manager
    Amparo San Jose02

    Amparo de San José

    Regional Business Creation Portfolio Manager
    Nestor Etxaleku02

    Nestor Etxaleku

    Regional Project Manager
    Aida Cortes01

    Aida Cortes

    Regional Finance & Administration Manager
    Ada Aparicio

    Ada Aparicio

    Senior Regional Communication & Events Manager
    Foto cv 1

    Belen Moscoso

    Corporate Venturing Manager
    Asier Sannio02

    Asier Sannio

    Regional Communications Manager

    Lara Rodríguez

    Senior Regional Programme Manager
    Juan Zaffora02

    Juan Ignacio Zaffora

    Regional Programme Manager – Startups
    Juliet Bray01

    Juliet Bray

    Regional Programme Manager – Accelerator
    Melissa Comellas02

    Melissa Comellas

    Regional Programme Manager – Agriculture

    Leticia Lopez

    Community Outreach Manager
    Izaskun Valle02

    Izaskun Valle

    Senior Regional Project Officer – Startups
    Foto Celia

    Celia Alija

    Project Manager Entrepreneurship
    Alvaro Lage

    Alvaro Lage

    Regional Administrator
    Raquel Fernández02

    Raquel Fernández

    Regional Administrator
    Alba Molina02

    Alba Molina

    Regional Communications Officer
    Irene Mendoza02

    Irene Mendoza

    Regional Communication Officer
    Laura Blanco

    Laura Blanco

    Office Assistant-Intern
    Miriam SASTRE

    Miriam Sastre

    Director of Communication and Events
    Oksana Hrynevych

    Oksana Hrynevych

    Agriculture Project Manager
    Narjis Chakir01

    Narjis Chakir

    RisingFoodStars Programme Lead

    Lorena Savani

    Mission Lead (Healthier lives through food)
    Joanne Mazoyer02

    Joanne Mazoyer

    Digital Communications & Campaigns Manager
    Alessia Calderalo02

    Alessia Calderalo

    Digital Communications Officer
    Claudia Ciovica

    Claudia Ciovica

    Digital Communications Officer

Open calls

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Impact Funding Framework

Deadline: September 01, 2025
open call
If you’ve got an idea that will change food systems for the better, we want to fund it.

Work with us at EIT Food South

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EIT Community Officer Spain

Spain - Deadline: June 18, 2024
3 days left!

Chief Partnership Officer

Italy, Poland, Spain -
Deadline: June 26, 2024