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EIT Food South

Working towards a more innovative food sector in the southern European region.

What we do

As one of EIT Food Co-Location Centres, the CLC South was established in Spain in 2017 to build bridges among leading businesses, universities, research centres, institutes and the food market. It consists of partners from Cyprus, Italy, Israel Greece, Portugal and Spain and of local innovation hubs in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Turkey.

With a consumer-centric approach, our main goal is to deliver a healthier lifestyle for citizens by enhancing high-value-added cooperation and integration in order to stimulate innovation, talent development and consumer involvement.

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EIT Food South

EIT Food (Impact Hub Barceló), Calle de Serrano Anguita 13
Madrid 28004
Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Lekandene. Laida Bidea 214
Zamudio (Bizkaia) 48170

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In the search for a more affordable way to farm, Francisco Ruiz Rico discovered the secret to creating healthy, self-sufficient soil, full of life. It has boosted production on his family’s olive farm in Priego de Córdoba, Spain, and…
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Kepa Agirregoikoa produces cheese and yoghurt on a small farm in Bizkaia.

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Innovation projects

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Empowering Women in Agrifood Spain, an EIT Food entrepreneurship programme hosts 10 dedicated female entrepreneurs who have projects in the Agrifood sector


2021 > 2022
InformPack explores the cross-cultural variations amongst consumers in terms of awareness, information gaps, issues and attitudes towards food packaging upon purchase and disposal patterns at home and on the go.

Meet the EIT Food South team

    Lorena S 1

    Lorena Savani

    Programma Manager Innovation
    Juliet Bray

    Juliet Bray

    Startup Support Manager
    Philip Fernandez

    Philip Fernandez

    Agriculture Project Manager
    Retratos EIT 024

    Carmen Galindo Rodriguez

    Project Manager
    Joanne BW 342x342

    Joanne Mazoyer

    Digital Communications & Campaigns Manager
    Retratos EIT 012

    Laura Ezcurra

    Partnership Support Manager
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    Amparo de San José

    Entrepreneurship Programme Manager
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    Juan Ignacio Zaffora

    Regional Startup Manager Southern Europe
    Begona Perez Villar scaled

    Begoña Pérez-Villarreal

    Director EIT Food South

    Elvira Domingo Varona

    RIS Programme Manager
    Lara Rodríguez

    Lara Rodríguez

    RIS Project Manager
    Aida Cortes

    Aida Cortes

    Office Manager
    Miriam SASTRE

    Miriam Sastre

    RIS Communication Manager
    Retratos EIT 005 1

    Izaskun Valle

    Junior Office Manager