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Agrosap is an agrotech company dedicated to the development of a system of integrated management for the farm, based on a new set of tools applicable to agriculture (GNSS technology, sensors, software, actuators, and controllers). Agrosap has over 12 years experience providing Precision Agriculture Services, mainly in Spain but also in other EU member states and third countries (Chile, Perú, Marocco) and collaborating in international innovation projects.

Competences & Capabilities

The company develops hardware and software for precision agriculture: guidance & steering, correction services, planting & seeding, satellite crop imagery, flow & application control, data management, and agricultural fleet management and it focuses in more detail on the following action areas:

  • GNSS solutions and applications
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Cloud Technologies Division: Agroplanning
  • UAV Division: DronSAP
  • Agrosap Academy
  • R&D
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