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Energy  Pulse  Systems  (EPS)  researches,  develops,  produces and sells pulsed power modulators based on  state-of-the-art,  high  efficient  semi-conductors,  assembled    in    very    flexible    and    modular    Marx    topologies which are designed to add value to several industrial  sectors  such  as  Food,  Feed,  Microbiology,  CleanTech, Oil & Gas, Automotive and Health.

EPS   is   composed   by   a   multi-disciplinary   team   with  complementary  skills  and  competences,  from  electronics to physics and biology.

Competences & Capabilities

Main    areas    of    specialisation    and    technological    expertise are:

  • Pulse Power Modulators
  • Pulse Electric Fields
  • Electroporation
  • Mass Transfer
  • Microbial Inactivation
  • Advance Oxidation Processes

EPS   is   committed   in   improving   food   processing,   especially regarding extraction and microbial inactivation steps, using an innovative and sustainable approach.

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