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Industry Disruptors Game Changers


Industry Disruptors Game Changers (IDGC) is an independent, non-profit organisation committed to cultivating an extrovert ecosystem that fosters innovative entrepreneurship on a global scale. Established with a vision to revolutionise industries through innovation, we work passionately towards empowering mission-driven innovators to create scalable businesses.

Our key service offerings encompass mentorship, networking, and funding opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs, particularly those involved in the food and agriculture sectors. Through these services, we help bring innovative startups into effective partnerships with investors, industry leaders, and key stakeholders, creating a symbiotic and impactful ecosystem.

Our research focus lies predominantly in the areas of food technology, sustainable agricultural practices, and food security. By partnering with renowned organisations such as the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), we have led groundbreaking projects in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, thereby extending our influence and impact beyond our home base in Greece.

Overall, IDGC’s vision is geared towards promoting a future where innovation and entrepreneurship drive industry transformation, creating a prosperous and sustainable world. Our partnership with EIT Food as a strategic partner is another significant stride towards achieving this vision.

Competences & capabilities

Industry Disruptors Game Changers (IDGC) brings a plethora of strengths and competencies to the agri-food sector. Firstly, our decade-long collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has imparted us with extensive experience in addressing food security issues and advancing sustainable agricultural practices, particularly in the MENA region. This experience provides us with a deep understanding of the complexities of the global food system.

Secondly, our stake in the Smart Agro Hub, a joint venture with the Agricultural University of Athens, affirms our commitment to innovation in agriculture. Through this partnership, we have been instrumental in driving novel projects that improve agricultural productivity and sustainability in Greece.

Furthermore, our proficiency in fostering innovative entrepreneurship equips us with the ability to catalyse the development of agri-food startups. Our initiatives in mentorship, networking, and facilitating access to investment for startups have cultivated an ecosystem that encourages the growth of innovative enterprises in the agri-food sector.

Lastly, our expansive network, encompassing academic institutions, industry leaders, governmental agencies, and investors, places us in a unique position to form synergistic partnerships that could stimulate transformative change in the agri-food sector.

By joining the EIT Food community, we aim to amplify our impact on a larger scale. Our objectives include contributing to EIT Food's mission of fostering a sustainable, nutritious, and inclusive food system in Europe. We plan to leverage the community's extensive network and resources to augment our existing projects, as well as develop new initiatives that can push the boundaries of innovation in the agri-food sector. Ultimately, we aspire to bring our expertise, experience, and entrepreneurial spirit to the EIT Food community, working collaboratively towards transforming the European agri-food landscape.

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