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BeYou   health   coach   is   helping   consumers   in   the   pursuit of complete wellness through the creation of mobile apps and AI driven health & wellness solutions.

  • Personalised nutrition: over two million integrated recipes allowing personalised meal plans.
  • Coaching  &  food  literacy:  improving  consumers  habits,   empowering   them   to   make   informed   choices and providing health tips.
  • Gamification   &   user   engagement:   making   the   journey    towards    wellness    rewarding,    social    and   fun   through   smart   reward   algorithms   or   partnerships with discounts vouchers.

Competences & Capabilities

Main    areas    of    specialisation    and    technological    expertise are:

  • Human centric design expertise in co-creation solutions to identify users' needs & solutions
  • Behaviour change strategies to motivate change & sustain adopted healthy behaviours
  • Game design expertise: strong engagement techniques that works with brain chemistry to produce behavioural changes
  • Content database: certified health content: Meal plans & Recipes, Fitness exercises & tips
  • Rewards platform: Partnerships with Nutrition brands

Discover  our  3  mobile  apps  in  the  health  &  fitness  field: BeYou, Golden Steps and Nutrify market place.

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