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Innovative tools to produce legume-based foods for increased consumer acceptance (LeguComf)

Producing innovate legume-based foods for all


The aim of the LeguComf project is to innovate legume-based foods which have high consumer acceptance.   

We are currently seeing a population-level shift towards more plant-based diets due to environmental concerns and due to the positive health effects this can have.  

Legumes such as peas and beans are a good source of protein and can be used to replace animal proteins when incorporated into a well-balanced diet. However, the use of legumes is associated with undesirable intestinal symptoms in at least a third of population.  

The LeguComf project will use enzyme-aided processing to develop legume-based products which have pleasant sensory properties and lack the compounds that are thought to cause intestinal symptoms. The developed products will be tested in IBS patient volunteers, with comprehensive consumer feedback measured using a mobile app.  

The mechanisms behind the intestinal symptoms associated with legume consumption will also be investigated by analysing the effects they have on gut microbiota. This will increase our understanding about the reasons for intestinal discomfort associated with legume consumption and help to develop new food innovations in future. 

LeguComf will produce well-tolerated legume-based foods for all consumer groups, without compromising palatability of the products. 

Project lead

Anne-Maria Pajari

Anne-Maria Pajari

Activity Leader
Outi Mattila

Outi Mattila

Emilia Nordlund

Emilia Nordlund

Abir Mehawej

Abir Mehawej

Imran Afzal Pic

Imran Afzal


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