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SmartFoodLogging (SFL)

In the fight against chronic diet-related diseases it is the EU food and health system organization’s aim to improve consumers’ food literacy. Food education in a form of professional personalised advice is more trusted and accepted by consumers.


SFL will develop a platform where health coaches and consumers come together to motivate user reaching their goal. The platform features a mirror-like tool where coaches can see in real time users' progress. The consumer tool will allow to log and recognise foods by using artificial intelligence technologies (Photo & speech), fitness and emotional status. Based on data ingested by the user, dieticians can follow the actual consumer’s behavior in real life and tailor a more personalised nutrition plan. Consumers can also receive automated real-time tips, empowering them to make better-informed food choices. Therefore, SFL integrates personalised advice in the consumer’s daily life.


Project lead

Ignace Denollin Pic
Ignace Denollin

Colruyt Group

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