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Southern European initiatives to reduce obesity

Read our report about Southern European initiatives to reduce obesity and learn how we can transform our society with healthy habits!

09 May 2022
EIT Food South

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The global prevalence of obesity has been increasing over the last decades both among adults and among children. Despite the great efforts by many public and private entities, no visible improvement has been achieved and obesity is still one of the principal health concerns worldwide and among many European countries.

At EIT Food we are working to improve the health and sustainability of diets across our communities, by helping children understand where their food comes from and encourage them to eat healthy. We truly believe that now is the time to tackle childhood obesity together!

Therefore, this analysis presents some of the most recent (2017-2020) initiatives undertaken in Southern European Countries with the aim of reducing obesity rates and set out to valuate their impact as well as to identify the reasons behind the overall lack of desired success. This analysis could serve as a starting point for identifying elements for a strategic design of more impactful initiatives to tackle obesity especially in vulnerable populations and in children.

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