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Cyprus is reinventing their agrifood sector with tons of technological innovation, smart investment and good-quality produce

A revolution in the agrifood sector

With a particularly dry climate, Cyprus has always been associated with the growth of olives, citrus fruit and potatoes. Cyprus cannot aim to compete with bigger countries which produce higher amounts and at low cost, but it is outstanding in quality, superfoods and organic farming. Furthermore, Cyprus has placed a bet on aquaculture, the third most important produce of the country in terms of export value.

Room for Improvement

Cyprus’ agrifood sector is modernising at a fast pace, with substantial contributions from scientists and researchers, but they are facing a serious challenge: water scarcity. EIT Food can help them liaise with other dry countries to seek optimal, viable solutions that tackle this pressing problem.

Cyprus traditional cuisine was greatly influenced by Greece and Turkey and it is famous well beyond the island, thanks to this mixture of Mediterranean cooking cultures and its love to olive oil and fresh natural ingredients.

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