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Amai Proteins is the Tasty Designer Protein Company, curing our food and beverage system, one protein at a time. The first focus are sweet designer proteins as a mainstream sugar substitute, with the sweetest protein  in  the  world.  The  protein  has  a  sugar-like  taste,  high  stability  and  shelf  life  and  good  synergy  with other sweeteners e.g. Stevia.

Competences & Capabilities

Amai  takes  sweet  proteins  that  are  found  in  the  depth  of  the  jungles  and  redesigns  their  amino  acid  sequence  to  fit  to  the  mass  food  market.  Just  like  one  brews  beer,  the  proteins  are  then  produced  by  fermentation.

The platform company is expanding to other types of proteins by entwining computational protein design to production by biotechnology thus bringing healthy and sustainable tasty solutions to our table. 

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