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Sugar- Out, Prote- In: Application of microencapsulated sweet proteins as sugar substitutes

Using innovative technology to develop a healthy sugar substitute


The Sugar-Out, Prot-In project aims to use innovative precision fermentation technology to produce a sweet protein which can be used as a healthy sugar substitute. This has the potential to revolutionise the global food and beverage market. 

Sugar reduction is a major focus of the food and beverage industry. Innovative healthy, tasty, and food-compatible sugar substitutes are urgently needed in order to satisfy consumers whilst tackling the health risks associated with sugar over-consumption.  

This project will develop a safe, sustainable, and scalable designer sweet protein produced by innovative precision fermentation technology. We will formulate the sweet protein so that it can be used in a number of major food and beverage applications including carbonated soft drinks, yogurt, flavoured water and sports drinks. An important part of this will include ensure the sweet protein meets the sensory, stability and shelf-life requirements it needs to be adopted by both food producers and consumers.  


Project lead

Yoav Livney
Yoav Livney

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