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Spain is one of the leading fish producers in the world and is one of EIT Food’s RIS countries

The agrifood sector as a spearhead of the Spanish economy

The Spanish agrifood sector has a major impact on the country’s economy, mainly in terms of employment, revenue and exports. Due to varying climate conditions, Spain has a diversified, regional production and a keen eye for innovative changes. This coupled with a high interest in R&D and a considerable research potential, makes Spain a clear recipient of EIT Food projects.

Room for Improvement

With a lack of effective cooperation among scientists, government and businesses, EIT Food can be the crucial link that strengthens these necessary bonds among Spanish actors. Furthermore, due to an agrifood industry with a very fragmented structure and fraught with small producers, it is essential to facilitate constant innovation to foster internationalization and competitiveness.

With a diverse regional cuisine and a good climate, Spain benefits from a wide range of ingredients, which makes Spanish culinary traditions well-known around the globe.

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EIT Food hub for Spain

CLC South
Calle de Serrano Anguita 13
Madrid 28004

Innovation projects

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We are glad to present you the first edition of CERES Awards by EIT Food South, which will be celebrated in the frame of the V FUN&FAN event on October 9th, in Bilbao (Spain). Apply until August 25th!
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