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Poland is the largest global producer and exporter of apples as well as one of EIT Food’s RIS countries

The agrifood sector as a spearhead of the Polish economy

Poland’s agrifood sector is one of the leading employers in the country. The country is one of the leading agricultural, horticultural and animal producers in Europe. Specifically, it is the largest producer and exporter of apples, poultry, carrots, white cabbage, triticale, blackcurrant and mushrooms.

Room for Improvement

Although Poland has substantial research potential, only around 1% of GDP is spent on scientific research, which represents one of the lowest scientific budgets in Europe. Furthermore, the Polish farming sector with its large share of fragmented farms could benefit from modernising its up- and downstream industries through smart specialisation strategies. EIT Food can foster innovation by creating connections between government, private and science stakeholders.

In Poland RIS activities are implemented by EIT Food CLC North-East.

EIT Food Hub in Poland: EIT Food CLC North-East

In Poland the role of EIT Food Hub is within the competences of EIT Food local office: EIT Food CLC North-East (CLC stands for “co-location centre”).

Our donuts are not round. Polish donuts are like a ball with frosting on the top. There is a marmalade, rose jam or another jam inside.

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EIT Food hub for Poland

CLC North-East
Mokotowska 64
Warsaw 00-534

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