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Grunt od Nowa Foundation supports farmers in the process of soil regeneration, reconstruction of their fertility and yield potential. We combine agricultural practice with developed scientific solutions, testing innovative technologies in the area of soil regeneration using microbiological solutions and locally available mineral rocks in 20 farms in Poland. Our main area of activity is Poland but we cooperate also with partners in Germany, Netherlands, Latvia and other European countries.

Our projects focus on a few main areas: 
- Agricultural soil regeneration; 
- Educational projects and programmes for farmers, agronomists, schools, teachers;
- Corporate projects including educational projects, employee volunteering and CO2 offsetting projects;
- Reconstruction of greenery in cities.

We organise training, field visits, consultancy, we test biotechnological solutions that accelerate regenerative processes in the fields.

Competences & Capabilities

Strengths and competences that we bring to the EIT Food Community are:
- Good understanding of the everyday work of farmers, their needs and motivations.
- Professional knowledge based on research on topics of: soil regeneration, microbacterial processes, natural rocks usage in agriculture.
- Field and market research are areas of our expertise, conducted within our team or in cooperation with numerous partners through Europe.
- Educational abilities and competences, including complex educational programmes such as our Regenerative Farmer Academy.

We are able to quickly verify ideas for new projects, make ongoing initiatives more realistic, adapt planned activities to real needs, so that project results have a significant impact on future food supply chain safety and quality.

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