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#CROP27: The Critical Food Connection

With food finally on the agenda of COP27, #CROP27: The Critical Food Connection showcases the diversity of food innovation - and the people behind the solutions - to highlight their crucial role in climate dialogues and action.

19 Oct 2022
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Food systems need to be an integral part of international climate dialogues if we want to limit global warming and save our planet for future generations. Not only do sustainable food systems provide an opportunity for reducing our collective greenhouse gas emissions, but they also provide the opportunity to have a positive impact on our environment. COP27 will mark a key point in this journey, with the climate community coming together in Egypt to discuss mitigation and solutions, and the food systems community joining them for the first time.

COP27 will see the first Food Systems Pavilion take place where actions, strategies, and solutions across the entire food value chain will be addressed. Despite this great progress, it is crucial that food systems are considered across all climate dialogues - at COP27 and beyond - as a holistic solution to the growing environmental challenges we are facing. Sustainability challenges are often tackled in isolation, but we now have a unique opportunity to come together, from different locations, sectors and backgrounds, to tackle these challenges as a whole.

Sitting at the core of this, and one of the key routes to transforming our food system, is innovation. Innovation offers diverse solutions to deliver a more sustainable and healthier food system. Many of these solutions already exist, but they need scaling up, speeding up and increased awareness. 

#CROP27: The Critical Food Connection showcases the diversity of food innovation - and the people behind the solutions - to highlight their crucial role in climate dialogues and action. Food production has become so much more than cultivating the land, and food innovation must be at the centre of climate conversations.

Meet the innovators transforming the food system below!

Developing plant-based proteins to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture through indoor farming solutions
Reducing agricultural greenhouse gas emissions through clean energy algae cultivation
Improving sustainable farm management through soil data analysis
Using AI to increase crop yield and optimise climate change adaptation
Integrating renewable wind energy with agricultural activity to help achieve net-zero
Optimising sustainable farming practices through data collection and analysis
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture by creating sustainable fungi protein alternatives
Upcyling spent beer grains to create new food ingredients to reduce food waste and associated emissions
Using electricity to kill weeds without harmful chemical herbicides
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from livestock agriculture by creating chickpea protein alternatives
Safeguarding crops against extreme environmental changes with biostimulants
Growing meat directly from cells without harming animals or the planet
Developing 3D food printing technology to increase health and lower food waste
Addressing environmental risk in agriculture using satellite imagery
Saving resources and land by creating sustainable sugar substitutes
Reducing emissions and improving animal welfare by producing cheese with microorganisms
Providing infrastructure for soil health and regenerative agriculture research
Fixing the broken food chain through AI-powered insect mini-farms
Developing sustainable meat alternatives based on tree mushrooms
Producing Water Lentils as a resource efficient, sustainable protein alternative
Rearing Black Soldier Fly to produce sustainable protein, oil and fertiliser for agriculture
Turning olive oil side stream 'waste' into resources for the food industry
Transforming Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and CO2 from aquaculture wastewater streams into valuable biomass
Developing enhanced sustainable banana systems to help produce net-zero bananas
Developing plant-based meat that is good for the environment and kind to animals
Incentivising farmers to improve their climate impact

Share your own food innovation stories on social media using #CROP27

From new ideas to big projects, we want to hear all about the food innovation solutions that are transforming the food system!

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