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Proof of Concept Societal Impact

Proofs of concepts help to determine whether an idea, a specific concept or approach when turned into reality would bring societal impact as envisioned.


The Proof of Concept Societal Potential (PoC) is an opportunity for consortia to spend sufficient time on testing and demonstrating the relevance of a proposed approach chosen for establishing the societal impact feasibility of a project.

13 concepts have been selected to be tested in 2021, including 7 RIS concepts. The PoCs fit in one of three themes (click on the side menu to learn more):

Improving societal health to reduce childhood obesity

  • Thinking outside the lunchbox - from a guided ‘Food diary’ for family members to a design a personalized lunch box - PoC Lead: Technion
  • Food Imaginarium - Promoting healthy eating habits - PoC Lead: Matis
  • Peers4Food* - Peer-to-Peer engagement in food to promote healthy, fun and smart diets - PoC Lead: University of Turin
  • COACHILD* - e-Coach application for the prevention of Children Obesity - PoC Lead: AZTI
  • Children obesity and how to reduce it* - PoC Lead: University of Warsaw

Improving societal health to reduce the prevalence of Noncommunicable Diseases​ (NCDs)

  • Developing a European portion size toolkit - PoC Lead: British Nutrition Foundation
  • EngAgeing* - Prevention strategies for social engagement and healthy ageing - PoC Lead: IMDEA Food
  • Picture your microbes* - A co-creation participatory action to empower citizens on nutritional health decisions - PoC Lead: IMDEA Food
  • Social capital in local food systems* - Increasing capabilities of diabetic people in deprived neighbourhoods - PoC Lead: University of Turin

Sustainability in the food chain to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • NoFoSYS - Novel food ingredients for large consumer groups to increase the sustainability of food system - PoC Lead: VTT
  • InFormPack - An “all you need to know” online guide for sustainable disposal of food packaging - PoC Lead: University of Aarhus
  • Consumers and supermarkets collaborate to make sustainable and healthy choices easy - PoC Lead: Rikolto
  • Helpfood* - Investigating the potential of innovative models of food distribution for fostering transition towards fairer, healthier and environmentally-friendly food systems - PoC Lead: HIT - Hub Innovazione Trentino

* RIS PoCs

Project lead

Sophie Jardin
Sophie Jardin

Public Engagement Programme Manager

Pic elvira
Elvira Domingo EIT Food South

Regional Impact Portfolio Manager

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