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Our agrifood tech entrepreneurship powerhouse connects thousands of startups to more than 200 leading corporations, universities, research centres, and investors with the full support and resources of the European Union. Discover the latest news and highlights from our entrepreneurship community below.

For our 6ᵗʰ edition of the EIT Food Venture Summit, the EIT Food community of agrifood tech startups, corporates and...
Cultivated meat is not yet available in the European market, but recent developments suggest it could become a reality soon. Here we explore these emerging products and how they could change the way we produce and consume meat forever.
regional blog
In this blog we explore the day in the life of a Startup Founder of a small business that is reducing food waste.
The 2023 Entrepreneurship Programmes provide targeted support to European startups at all stages of the innovation journey

Our entrepreneurship community helps each other through challenging times, and celebrates each other’s achievements.

Our programmes and investment opportunities are just two of the ways we support startups. Explore content below from our growing entrepreneurship community.

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Podcast #108

Investing in a fairer food system

Stefan Wilhelm of the Bayer Foundation and Lisa Jordan from the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation join EIT Food’s Matt Eastland, following…
regional blog
Aesthetics, sustainability, circularity, and inclusiveness are the building blocks to deliver the European Green Deal and make our cities more sustainable with higher social values. The EIT Community, led by EIT Food, uses these values…
EIT Food North-West is delighted to announce 15 innovative agrifood startups have joined our three flagship entrepreneurship programmes to launch, accelerate and scale their businesses.
This week we are sharing some fantastic news from EIT FAN 2021 alumni Mycorena, who recently announced their collaboration with Lantmännen!

Our pan-european entrepreneurship programmes

Whatever stage you are at with your agrifood tech venture: launch, accelerate or scale, our three hands-on, equity free programmes give the best chance for you to become a food system gamechanger.

Last week the Seedbed team travelled to Lisbon, Portugal, as the co-sponsor for the ASTP conference attended by 345 people from 32 countries. We met with our TTO friends to find out how we can help encourage more scientists to…
Each year on the 22nd March the world celebrates World Water Day, a United Nations observance day that advocates for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. EIT Food works with startups who are looking to achieve this mission.
We’re excited to introduce you to our newest corporate partner, Südzucker Group. As a major player in the food industry, the team is looking to increase its investments and activities in leveraging plant-based solutions.
German NewSpace company ConstellR have successfully launched their first thermal infrared earth observation system into space for global water monitoring.
A previously abandoned patent from Aarhus University got new life in the hands of two visionary food enthusiasts who together started a company that is now based in Agro Food Park, north of Aarhus.
Podcast #43

Bridging the skills gap

Are we doing enough to attract new talent and skills into the agrifood industry? Matt and Lukxmi are joined by Carl Edwards, Director…
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