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Straight2Market supports the market launch of a new vegan Bolognese sauce

The sauce developed by JAKION has been launched by EROSKI with the support of EIT Food.

09 Nov 2023
EIT Food South

EIT Food's Straight2Market programme has played a crucial role in supporting the market launch of a revolutionary vegan Bolognese sauce developed by JAKION. EROSKI, a leading retailer, has recently introduced this innovative sauce with the backing of EIT Food.

Crafted from local ingredients, the vegan sauce sets itself apart by being free from added sugars and additives, catering to the growing demand for wholesome and clean-label products.

The journey began in October 2022 when JAKION initiated the project by organizing a co-creation workshop involving consumers.

The collaborative efforts bore fruit, and by the summer of 2023, the delectable vegan Bolognese sauce was ready for market release.

Consumers can now find this innovative product in over 50 EROSKI stores, as well as on the online supermarket platform.

EIT Food continues to support startups and retailers through its Straight2Market programme, fostering meaningful connections between innovators and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with retailers.

Looking ahead, Straight2Market is committed to sustaining and enhancing the collaboration between startups and SMEs, ensuring the swift market launch of future groundbreaking products.

About Straight2Market Programme

The RIS S2M improves the innovation capacity local ecosystems by supporting start-ups/scale-ups across Southern RIS countries to improve the production capacity, technology, ingredients, features, packaging, nutritional profile and labelling information, innovative features.

On one other hand, we aim at reducing the distance and fostering a closer relationship between producer and retailer. By providing the opportunity to build close collaborations, producers can be supported in the market research and product development and commercialization, and retailers can gain a deeper understanding of the new products to be launched. On the other hand, it enhances consumer options when going to supermarket, by introducing new or highly improved healthy food products.

Boosting the competitiveness & innovation value through the development of new products in the food sector can be a very important vector for the creation and maintenance of quality, stable jobs in our communities. A vibrant, innovative food sector will significantly contribute to increase the overall competitiveness of the EU.

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