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EIT Food South Turns up the Heat at its 5th Anniversary with Partners, Startups, and the Sizzling Agrifood Ecosystem

The 5th anniversary gala took place at the Vincci Hotel in Bilbao, where around 100 people between partners, startups and other key stakeholders of the agrifood industry met with the EIT Food team to conmemorate this date.

18 Oct 2023
EIT Food South

On October 9th, the Vincci Hotel in Bilbao was the venue for an exciting gala celebrating the fifth anniversary of EIT Food South, a leading company in promoting innovation and sustainability in the agrifood Sector.

The event brought together partners, collaborators, and entrepreneurs, who have a common goal, marking a significant impact on the future of the agrifood sector.

Since its beggining in 2018, EIT Food South has developed projects and activities to create a more reliable, healthier, and innovative agrifood sector, highliting the remarkable achievements and results of the organization over the past year during the event.

One of the most impressive milestones was the direct impact on over 260 startups through their business creation programmes, such as Seedbed, FAN, EWA and Test Farms Programmes.

These programmes provided support to startups, enabling them carry out innovative projects.

Since the begginig, startups that have been part of these programmes have successfully attracted over 24 million euros in investments, allowing them to advance their initiatives and take their projects to the next level.

Additionally, EIT Food South led an impressive number of events and workshops, with over 3,800 participants in the past year, demonstrating their commitment to education and collaboration in the agrifood industry. Events like the gala are an example of how the organization seeks to join forces to achieve a common goal: the creation of a more reliable, health-conscious, and environmentally sustainable food industry.

During the gala, Begoña Perez Villarreal, EIT Food South Director, expressed her gratitude and pleasure, on behalf of the whole team, for sharing the day with their valuable partners and entrepreneurs.

She also reaffirmed their commitment to continue building a more sustainable future for all.

It should be noted that several of the products that could be consumed during the gala, were from startups that have participated in EIT food programmes over the last 5 years.

The attendees of the gala were able to try these products first hand and it was a way of making them known to the public.

The gala at Hotel Vincci was a key meeting point, characterized by the spirit of collaboration and EIT Food South's determination in its mission to transform the food industry for the better.

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