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Agrifood Invesment Launchpad | Italy

Looking to jumpstart your investment journey in the agrifood sector? Look no further than the Agrifood Investment Launchpad in Italy and become a part of the growing community of investors who are changing the game in the agrifood sector.


The Agrifood Investment Launchpad offers a one day crash course designed for beginners and potential investors in the field. The course will be followed by an Investment Forum featuring a selection of European startups, providing participants with an opportunity to connect with experienced investors with years of practice in startup investment.

Join us in Italy!

    Milan, 11th July 2023

    Project lead

    Amparo San Jose02
    Amparo de San José EIT Food South

    Regional Business Creation Portfolio Manager

    Izaskun Valle02
    Izaskun Valle EIT Food South

    Senior Regional Project Officer – Startups