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Agrifood Investment Launchpad

Looking to jumpstart your investment journey in the agrifood sector? Look no further than the Agrifood Investment Launchpad and become a part of the growing community of investors who are changing the game in the agrifood sector.


The Agrifood Investment Launchpad offers a one-day crash course designed for beginners and potential investors in the field. The course will be followed by an Investment Forum featuring a selection of European startups, providing participants with an opportunity to connect with experienced investors with years of practice in startup investment.

But that's not all! We also offer additional virtual sessions to help participants deep-dive into angel investment in agrifood. These virtual sessions will allow investors to gain even more knowledge and expertise in this exciting sector.

This programme combines a learning window to help participants understand the basics of startup investment in the agrifood sector with access to startups ready to make a big impact. 

What is it?

  • For Investors: straightforward content to help you understand the basics of startup investment in the agrifood sector. You will learn how to evaluate investment opportunities, the do's and don'ts of your first investments, how to define your investment strategy, and the angel portfolio approach.
  • For Startups: Pitch in front of investors and fundraising, while also identifying purposeful connections. Startups are selected by an experienced jury and receive expert support to improve their chances of accessing finance. EIT Food South is also available to help follow up with connections to investors.


  • Increase the presence of agrifood savvy professionals investing in early-stage startups with the capability to support them across the agrifood value chain.
  • Bring angel investors from other technology areas to the most innovative segment of agrifood innovation, by expanding their understanding of this sector.

How is it?

EIT Food is offering learning, access, and connections for those interested in agrifood startups and ready to take the challenge of investing in the sector. The learning programme combines onsite sessions to grasp the basis of investment, build connections and online sessions to deep into specific issues.

Who is it for?

The Investment Launchpad is open to investors and startups:


Beginner Investors

  • Agrifood business owners
  • Executives from large agrifood companies
  • Successful entrepreneurs with the capability to invest
  • Family offices with an impact goal
  • Others

Expert Investors

  • Already active investors in other sectors without exposure to the agrifood sector looking to understand the underlying technologies


Fundraising pre-Series A stage

  • Pre-seed: up to 500.000 euros round
  • Seed: up to 1 million euros round
  • In agritech and foodtech
  • High-tech and deep-tech based
  • European startups seeking to fundraise and connect with Italian investors.

Project lead

Amparo San Jose02
Amparo de San José EIT Food South

Regional Business Creation Portfolio Manager

Izaskun Valle02
Izaskun Valle EIT Food South

Senior Regional Project Officer – Startups

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