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EIT Food S2M Programme Supports the Introduction of Sustainable Superfoods to the Market

Neoalgae and Despelta Launch New Plant-Based and Bear Residue-Devired Supperfoods with the collaboration of Market Sostenibles.

06 Nov 2023
EIT Food South

Spain is witnessing a culinary revolution as two innovative companies, Neoalgae and DeSpelta, are leading the way in sustainable food production, thanks to support from EIT Food, by participating in Straight2Market (S2M) Programme and the collaboration of Market Sostenibles.

Neoalgae, a renowned Asturian SME known for its research in the field of food, particularly focusing on algae, has introduced a game-changing product to the market.

'Mr.Greenish's Burguesas' is a 100% plant-based hamburger with a remarkable nutritional profile.

These vegan burgers are unlike any other; they derive their unique flavor from fish, achieved by incorporating microalgae oils into the recipe.

This addition not only enhances the taste but also offers exceptional Omega-3 content, which is known for its numerous health benefits.

Meanwhile, DeSpelta, a small business in Segovia, embarked on a journey towards innovation in their artisanal products made from ancient and organic grains. Their goal was to create a more sustainable agro-alimentary sector by harnessing the principles of the circular economy.

They decided to make the most of a byproduct from their craft beer production, beer residue, which typically constitutes 85% of the waste generated in the process.

Through rigorous analysis and research, they successfully transformed this byproduct into three superfoods with remarkable nutritional qualities: organic beer residue flour, organic spelt flour mixed with beer residue, and wheat and beer residue muffins.

The bagazo de cerveza-based products from DeSpelta have exceptional nutritional characteristics, which have earned them the title of "superfoods." The beer residue flour is incredibly rich in protein (18%) and contains no additives or preservatives, making it ideal for crafting healthy and sustainable baked goods. The pasta, made from spelt flour and beer residue, boasts protein and fiber percentages unseen in conventional pasta (14% protein and 11% fiber). The muffins, born through the collaboration with the local Sigüenza-based bakery, Gustos de Antes, have become a daily, healthy snack option.

These projects exemplify how innovative approaches in food production can lead to a more sustainable, healthier, and environmentally conscious future. Market Sostenibles acts as a crucial link between these innovative ventures and EIT Food, facilitating product validation and promotion.

Consumers are encouraged to embrace these new, sustainable culinary options and support the advancement of a more environmentally conscious and healthy approach to food consumption. By doing so, they contribute to the fight against food insecurity and environmental degradation.

About Straight2Market Programme

The RIS S2M improves the innovation capacity local ecosystems by supporting start-ups/scale-ups across Southern RIS countries to improve the production capacity, technology, ingredients, features, packaging, nutritional profile and labelling information, innovative features.

On one other hand, we aim at reducing the distance and fostering a closer relationship between producer and retailer. By providing the opportunity to build close collaborations, producers can be supported in the market research and product development and commercialization, and retailers can gain a deeper understanding of the new products to be launched. On the other hand, it enhances consumer options when going to supermarket, by introducing new or highly improved healthy food products.

Boosting the competitiveness & innovation value through the development of new products in the food sector can be a very important vector for the creation and maintenance of quality, stable jobs in our communities. A vibrant, innovative food sector will significantly contribute to increase the overall competitiveness of the EU.

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