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The 1st edition of CERES Awards by EIT Food South is here!

We are glad to present you the first edition of CERES Awards by EIT Food South, which will be celebrated in the frame of the V FUN&FAN event on October 9th, in Bilbao (Spain). Apply until August 25th!


About CERES Awards

Going back to the old times, Ceres was the goddess of agriculture in Roman mythology, who was well-known for teaching and revolutionizing the agrifood system day-to-day.

That might sound familiar, and indeed, after 5 exciting years, we believe it is time to reward our community and the success of all the startups that have been supported by EIT Food South and all farmers that have positively impacted the environment since their participation in an EIT Food South programme.

In other words, we want to thank all the alumni who have been part of EIT Food South programmes from 2018 to 2022 and farmers who have been part of the Regenerative Agriculture programme from 2020 to 2022 for their great contribution to the agrifood industry.

Submit your application before August 25th! You can submit multiple entries for the award, each will be evaluated independently.

The awards ceremony will be held on October 9th in Hotel Vincci, Bilbao.

By participating, you agree with the terms and conditions. Please click in the below link to have access to all the information about the terms and conditions of the awards:

For any additional information, please contact us at:

EIT Food South Programmes: 4 categories and 6 prizes of €3,000

1. Best Marketed Innovation Award: remarkable products or services developed during or after participating in an EIT Food South project or programme.

Apply here

2. Excellence in Growth Award: to acknowledge the progress startups have had since their participation in an EIT Food South project or programme. In this category we will grant two different awards:

2.1. Employment Creator Award: startups that have significantly broadened their workforce.

Apply here

2.2. Revenue Generator Awards: the capacity to highly increase their financial revenues.

Apply here

3. Fundraising Startup Award: startups which have attracted a great amount of funds, whether they come from public or private sources.

Apply here

4. Women in Agrifood Award: a specific award to female entrepreneurs who took part in an EIT Food South project or programme and have. In this category we will grant two different awards:

4.1. Marketed Innovation Award: innovative products/services created or improved by women entrepreneurs.

Apply here

4.2. Female Founder Award: female-led startups consolidated since their participation in the EWA Programme.

Apply here

Growth Awards for Regenerative Farmers: 3 prizes up to €10.000

The category "Growth Awards for Regenerative Farmers", honours the most successful projects to reduce carbon footprint and implement innovative technologies to improve farm management.

Apply here (EN)

Apply here (ES)

Apply here (IT)

Apply here (PT)

This category will grant 3 prizes up to €10,000:

  1. Prize 🥇 €10,000
  2. Prize🥈 €7,000
  3. Prize🥉 €3,000

You have until August 25th to apply!

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