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Investing in a fairer food system

Stefan Wilhelm of the Bayer Foundation and Lisa Jordan from the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation join EIT Food’s Matt Eastland, following the EVPA Annual conference in Brussels. They discuss how food system solutions are supported by a range of philanthropic finance mechanisms, and the opportunities to invest in positive change.

22 Feb 2023


• Businesses and social entrepreneurs are critical to transforming food systems. Their innovations can make communities more sustainable, equitable and resilient to economic and climate shocks.

• The journey of turning an idea into a successful product is notoriously difficult. Therefore, a variety of philanthropy and impact investment mechanisms are needed to support innovators in navigating the “valley of death”.

• It is also important to invest in innovation ecosystems, which can enable diverse applications such as crop micro insurance, healthcare solutions and mobile banking for smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

• Growth potential for sustainable agriculture solutions is vast, but expert organisations can help to ensure innovations have maximum impact.

• For anyone who wants to support food-system innovations across the globe, the first step is to consider your personal values. For professionals in the investment field, the EVPA Annual conference is an opportunity to learn from others in the sector and instigate new collaborations.

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