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Shaping Tomorrow: telling EIT Community success stories

Welcome to Shaping Tomorrow, a new series by the EIT Community!

Every two weeks, we’ll be spotlighting a start-up or initiative that received a helping hand from one of the collaborative initiatives EIT Food undertakes with other EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs).

From funding to training and development, we helped each of these projects scale up to bring their vision to as many people as possible and make a positive impact on society—whether in their local community or on a pan-European scale.


Improving the Food System

Agua de Sol turns air into water thanks to the sun

In France, an ex-supplier of air-drying solutions to the nuclear sector draws from his surroundings and transforms into an unlikely champion of clean, free drinking water.

On a mission to bring fresh water to communities in need, and to people drinking plastic bottled water its smart, simple 'SunAir Fountain' fights water scarcity hand in hand with local users and their sky-rocketing needs for clean drinking water.

Agua de Sol received the support of EIT Community NEB

In the heart of Paris, a unique initiative is blossoming on the rooftop of the Annie Girardot nursing home. Gardens4Good is not just a garden but a transformative project that aims to promote non-profit food gardens for a healthier life and a healthier planet.

Gardens4Good received the support of EIT Community NEB

Foodlie: Hungry for Change

In the picturesque town of Liepāja, Latvia, innovation and sustainability are finding an unexpected home nestle along the Baltic Sea. Here, a remarkable project combining art and agriculture has taken root.

Foodlie received the support of EIT Community NEB

Driving Systematic Change outside the Food System

Entropic, Nature and Design, in Perfect Harmony

In the office building of Entropic, you might spot a photo of an innocuous-looking bridge perched up above Geoffrey Eberle’s desk. But, like everything to do with this world-leading urbanist design collective, it turns out be far more than meets the eye.

Foodlie received the support of EIT Community NEB

Karos Mobility - A Journey for People and Planet

In the quick-paced world of urban commuting, finding sustainable and inexpensive transportation has become a pressing challenge for towns and cities across Europe. But amidst the daily chaos, Karos Mobility is trying to revolutionise the way we travel to work.

Psiconnea received the support of EIT Community AI

Activating Spaces, Building Playtime

A pilot project held in the Les Glòries park, Barcelona, could change the way we think of play in our cities - and ASD Publics, an initiative focused on building public play areas suitable for autistic children, is at the heart of this transformation.

ASD Publics received the support of EIT Community NEB

Unlocking the Future of Green Energy with HSL Technologies and the Hydrogen Revolution

As nations grapple with reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to cleaner energy sources, addressing the complexities of carbon storage and transport has emerged as a critical frontier - and HSL Technologies is leading the charge in the world of hydrogen innovation.

HSL Technologies received the support of Supernovas

Psiconnea - Wellness Within Arm’s Reach

Psiconnea, an innovative health and wellness app founded by Rosa Becerril, is revolutionising the field of psychology. Working with a team of psychologists, health experts, and state-of-the-art AI technology, the start-up’s aspirations are sky high.

Psiconnea received the support of EIT Community AI

aquí - Convivencia and the Art of Community Building

Co-founders of aquí Clement and Lea take us on a deep dive of Barcelona’s famous urban planning landscape, and how they redesigned shared public spaces to create a more inclusive and equitable city.

How did a group of architects, designers and engineers bring their skills and know-how to serve their community?

Aqui received the support of EIT Community New European Bauhaus.

Project lead

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Julie Lebrun

Communication Manager - EIT Community

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