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Circular Food Systems

We are encouraging the shift from linear to circular, sustainable food systems, in which resources are reused, nutrients recycled, by-products reduced and what remains is reutilised.

Transitioning to a circular economy

Our current linear model of ‘make, use, and dispose’ is inefficient, wasteful and unsustainable. We need to move from this to a circular food system where we use resources more efficiently and re-use side and waste streams. At EIT Food, we are working with entrepreneurs and food system stakeholders to drive innovation forward and scale sustainable, circular food solutions.

In this report – published by EIT Food North-West and in collaboration with Innovate UK KTN - we explore the barriers and opportunities for controlled environment agriculture in urban, semi-rural and rural areas in North-West Europe.
A Global Food Venture Programme, EIT Food’s flagship Doctoral Programme for entrepreneurial PhD students across Europe.

A Day In a Life

2020 > 2022
The agri-food industry has a variety of exciting jobs on offer throughout the food value chain. This video series aims to inspire young audiences to consider a career within the agri-food sector.
Podcast #94

The Future of Food: Skills for the future

After a busy summer, The Food Fight Podcast is back! In June 2022, EIT Food held the Future of Food conference in Brussels. In today’s…

EIT Food Open Innovation Call 2023

Have you got an idea for an innovative project that will create positive change in the food system? We want to hear from you!

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Sustainable food systems: the role of regenerative farming practices
Taking the first steps towards higher education and careers in the agrifood sector.
The city of Ostend, together with the support of EIT Food, harnesses the power of circular product innovation through a social lens.

Transitioning to a circular economy

A circular food system could phase out the concept of food waste as we know it, contributing to a more sustainable world... but what are the key challenges and solutions?

EIT Open Day Italy

November 24, 2022
Benvenuti! This will be the 1st edition of the EIT Open Day organised as part of INNOVEIT WEEKS 2022 that will take place in Italy to push innovation in the agrifood sector of the country.
Understand how food goes from farm to fork: explore food security, supply chains, food production and agriculture.
Save the date! After a successful first edition with lots of participants, on October 16th we will celebrate the ceremony to announce the finalists and winners of the second edition of the Portuguese Journalism Awards in Innovation and…
Water is a crucial part of our food system, but with challenges such as over-consumption, pollution and climate change, what more needs to be done to reduce water consumption, prevent irreversible damage to the environment, and decrease…

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