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EWA Greece Demo Day celebrates agrifood innovation: exceptional entrepreneurs shine bright

Eirini Christina Spanouli, Angeliki Drakou, and Anastasia Kritikou stand out amongst Greek innovators in the third successful edition of EWA in Greece, marking the programme's fourth overall iteration.

27 Nov 2023
EIT Food South

In a resounding celebration of innovation and dedication, the EWA Greece Demo Day unfolded in Athens last week, revealing the outstanding accomplishments of ten extraordinary entrepreneurs. Notably, this marks the successful conclusion of the third edition of EWA in Greece, integrated within the programme's broader four-edition journey. EWA in Greece has been implemented in collaboration with 'A Woman Can Be'.

The event took place at Atraktos, a non-profit organization focused on education and showcasing role models, inspiring creativity in the community.

The Demo Day marked the culmination of months of intensive training, mentorship, and networking, showcasing the transformative impact of the EWA programme on the Greek entrepreneurial landscape.

Eirini Christina Spanouli from Karpologio emerged triumphant as the recipient of the prestigious 1st Prize. Her groundbreaking work in almond cultivation in Larissa, employing innovative high-density planting techniques and environmentally friendly practices, captured the attention of the jury. The overall processing and distribution model implemented by Karpologio, emphasizing product quality and freshness, stood out as a shining example of sustainable agricultural practices.

Angeliki Drakou, the visionary founder of Grizo & Prasino, secured the 2nd Prize. With a mission to reintroduce herbs to the Greek market, Grizo & Prasino stands as a vertically integrated company that cultivates organically, processes high-quality dried herbs, and offers bottled herbal iced tea and botanical syrups. Angeliki's commitment to spreading enthusiasm for real-brewed herbal tea and innovative ways of enjoying herbal goodness garnered well-deserved recognition.

The recipient of the Visibility Pack, Anastasia Kritikou from Track4Value, presented an innovative idea intertwined with the agrifood sector. Her integrated traceability system, aligned with the European "Farm-to-Fork" policy, ensures authenticity throughout the food production line. Advanced laboratory analyses verify product authenticity, and consumers can access comprehensive information on nutritional value, food safety, and environmentally friendly practices via a unique digital marking.

The Visibility Pack includes attendance to the Women in Agrifood Summit, the final global event of EWA, which is set to take place on December 1st in Vilnius, Lithuania. This summit provides a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and further empowerment within the global Agrifood community...

The EWA Greece Demo Day not only celebrated the achievements of these remarkable entrepreneurs but also emphasized the importance of collaborative initiatives in empowering women in technology and entrepreneurship. As we applaud the winners, we recognize the collective impact of their dedication on the dynamic landscape of the Greek Agrifood industry.

Watch the video of the event

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