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EcoBean with nearly €7 million grant from PARP for the construction of EcoBean Technology Center, the world's first facility for full valorization of coffee waste

EcoBean is proud to announce its qualification for the European Funds for Modern Economy (FENG) program, will support us with significant funding of up to €7 million for the construction of EcoBean Technology Center (ETC). This historic development marks a pivotal moment for EcoBean as it embarks on the expansion of its R&D center and demo line, ushering in a new era of recycling coffee waste.

27 Oct 2023
EIT Food North & East

The FENG program, dedicated to innovation, places particular emphasis on research and development projects aimed at green transformation. Over 1500 applications were submitted to the program, with only 198 making it to the list for funding-including the EcoBean project, which aims to 'Develop and implement an innovative and scalable biorefinery process for the full conversion of coffee waste into sustainable chemicals with significant market potential, demonstrating the potential of a circular economy.'

With this funding, EcoBean will commence the construction of its Technology Center, dedicated to further advance innovations, work on development, product design, and validation.

EcoBean Technology Center (ETC) will be an intelligent and fully sustainable demo factory and research laboratory, responsible for engineering new technological solutions, with a strong focus on industrial production and specialized chemical applications. On an annual scale, it will be capable of processing up to 1,000 tons of spent coffee grounds into high-margin chemicals with the lowest carbon footprint.

It is worth highlighting that ETC will be launched in an environmentally friendly manner, utilizing renewable energy, green heat, closed-loop systems, and cutting-edge technology such as a Digital Twin to minimize its environmental impact.

"We firmly believe that this development heralds new possibilities in sustainable innovations and waste processing, with EcoBean Technology Center poised to become a symbol of progress and a sustainable future," said Marcin Koziorowski, CEO and Co-founder of EcoBean.

"We are thrilled to see such funds flowing into innovative companies like EcoBean, which have a mission that extends beyond profitability. Our primary focus is on reducing the environmental impact, not only within the coffee industry but also in the chemical sector,"

- Kacper Kossowski, Co-founder of EcoBean

About EcoBean

EcoBean is the most technologically advanced processor of spent coffee grounds into sustainable low-carbon chemicals. The obtained coffee oil, antioxidants, polylactide (PLA), lignin, and protein additives are then used in various industries, from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, packaging, to feed additives. Our partnership with Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) enables us to achieve the highest level of coffee waste valorization and source the most technologically advanced chemicals available.

Ecobean's mission is to close the loop on coffee and introduce SCG-derived chemicals with the lowest possible carbon footprint to the market. Through innovative solutions, they aim to reduce the impact of both the coffee and chemical industries on our planet by transforming coffee grounds into sustainable chemicals in line with circular economy principles. EcoBean technology is already supported by investors from EIT InnoEnergy, CofounderZone, CIECH Ventures and Business Angels from COBIN Angels.

Contact person:
Monika Radomska
Communication Manager
+48 519 439 700

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