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Protein Diversification

We are developing and adopting diversified protein-based solutions, which are healthy, sustainable, safe and affordable.

Shaping the future of protein consumption

Protein is an important part of a healthy human diet, but the overproduction of animal-based protein is damaging to the environment. If we’re going to feed our fast-growing global population, then we need to find sustainable ways of producing new, high quality, safe and healthy proteins, such as plant-based proteins, cultivated meat and insect protein. At EIT Food, our contribution includes supporting high impact agrifood startups working to create viable sustainable and healthy protein sources.

The 2023 Entrepreneurship Programmes provide targeted support to European startups at all stages of the innovation journey
open call
EIT Food CLC North-East is looking for 1 organisation based either in Slovakia or Ukraine, that would organise activities within the project “Empowering Women in Agrifood” in 2023.
Everyone stands to benefit from a transformation to a more equitable food system. International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate women leaders driving positive change.

EIT Food Open Innovation Call 2023

Have you got an idea for an innovative project that will create positive change in the food system? We want to hear from you!

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open call
We’re looking for startups/SMEs to be connected with retailers and launch innovative food products in the market through the RIS S2M programme.
open call
We’re looking for retailers to be connected with startups/SMEs and launch innovative food products in the market through the RIS S2M programme
EIT Food is supporting the Blue Food Innovation Summit that takes place in London on the 23-24 May.EIT Food is supporting the Blue Food Innovation Summit that takes place in London on the 23-24 May. Register here. About...
open call
EIT Food RisingFoodStars is establishing a database of experts to become a mentor to our scaleups (members of the programme in 2023), an evaluator to the 2023 applicants or both.

Will cultured meat save the planet?

Curious about cultured meat? In this episode, Didier Toubia of Aleph Farms and Seren Kell of the Good Food Institute discuss farming cells rather than animals, and the important role of cultured meat as a climate solution.

in the media
Dr Andy Zynga explores what innovation trends are right around the corner and why he thinks “cultivated meat is here to stay”.
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The development of more diverse meat alternatives is one of the top five European food trends in 2023, according to pan-European organisation, EIT Food.

The Future of Alternative Proteins

February 06, 2023 - Food Manufacture
in the media
EIT Food chief executive Dr Andy Zynga explores the future of alternative proteins and the key drivers behind their growing popularity.
in the media
EIT Food has announced the launch of its 2023 Entrepreneurship Programmes, with applications now open for three agri-foodtech programmes.

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