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Report from the European Parliament on current state and future prospects of protein production in the EU

Policy recommendations outlined in the European Parliament’s report and the Protein Diversification Think Tank Policy Brief on Accelerating Protein Diversification for Europe share key insights.

EIT Food Protein Diversification Think Tank Policy Brief on “Accelerating Protein Diversification for Europe”

This policy brief sets out a comprehensive set of recommendations, advocating for a systems thinking approach and acknowledging the importance of engaging with the entire food system. It builds on the white paper published in December 2022 by the EIT Food Protein Diversification Think Tank and the feedback received, going a step further to look at the pathways ahead. It is the result of a collaborative process between the Think Tank members, bringing their own expertise, as well as consulting with various experts and stakeholders from the protein diversification field for a more accurate representation of required developments.

The EIT Food Protein Diversification Think Tank will continue to engage stakeholders in a structured discussion to examine the existing gaps, barriers, and opportunities, and co-create evidence-based roadmaps, including recommended actions and policies for protein diversification to drive the food system transformation. We welcome contributions and inputs that can help to accelerate protein diversification and bridge gaps between stakeholders. The Think Tank also invites policymakers to join us in this structured co-creation, and urges the EU to take a leading role globally in developing a more sustainable, resilient, healthy, and safe food system.

The Policy Brief was officially launched during Future of Food Conference, taking place on 26th of October, during the Accelerating Protein Diversification for Europe breakout session.

EIT Food Protein Diversification Think Tank Whitepaper

As one of many ongoing activities, the Protein Diversification Think Tank co-created a new whitepaper detailing the latest innovations and critical factors in bringing more planet-friendly proteins to our plates.

The Whitepaper provides an outlook of the latest technological developments, the business and societal potential of protein diversification The paper considers a variety of protein sources, including plant based, identifies the needs and opportunities in protein research and innovation in Europe and puts forward high level recommendations to further accelerate innovation in this strategic sector.

Project lead

Kari Tronsmo
Kari Tronsmo

Think Tank President, Open Innovation manager at Danone

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