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REIMS-based analysis platform for improved traceability and consumer purchase intention of high-end food products

Improving traceability of fish and olive oil


This project aims to provide a system which enables real time quality checks on high-end food products including fish and olive oil. 

The globalisation of the food supply chain has meant it has become increasingly difficult to ensure the safety, quality and integrity of the food we eat.  

In recent years, a number of food crises have threatened consumer confidence in the food industry, driving food business operators to go beyond mandatory traceability requirements and develop systems which integrate information at all stages of the supply chain. A major benefit of these systems is that foods which have verifiable qualities are considered more desirable and marketable to consumers.  

Rapid Evaporative Ionisation Mass Spectrometry (REIMS) is a new technology which enables analysis of quality in real time, making the process of traceability much faster and easier for food producers and distributers.  

In 2021 we will extend the project started in 2020, where we demonstrated the use of a REIMS system for detection of fish and olive oil authenticity. As part of this, we will implement the technology for olive oil and finfish in existing food supply chain pipelines.  

This will enable rapid analysis of the most relevant consumer-desired quality traits in these foods, as well as aid detection of fish fraud and determine olive oil authenticity.


Project lead

Lynn Vanhaecke
Lynn Vanhaecke

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