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ACESUR is one of the most important worldwide olive oil producers. With more than 175 years of experience, it has presence in each step of olive oil production, from the tree to the table. Also it has a great experience on vegetable oil, sauces and vinegar producer. It top brands La Española and Coosur have presence in more than 100 countries around the world.

Competences & Capabilities

Main areas of specialisation and technological expertise are:

  • Olive oil production and manufacture
  • Vegetable oil and fat manufacture
  • Sauce manufacture
  • Healthy foods
  • Vegetable-base waste treatment

ACESUR’s  innovation  philosophy  is  very  close  to  the  market, to offer new, healthier, sustainable and better oils  and  sauces  according  to  the  modern  consumer  demands and necessities, as well as raw materials for other food industries.

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Creating an innovative food antioxidant from Olive oil by-products
A substantial part of the food industries' produce ends up to now as waste.
Spreads are very popular. However, they consist of a high percentage of saturated fatty acids, often based on palm fat, sometimes also including trans-fat.
Consumers are increasingly demanding healthier products to fulfil their personalised nutrition needs and more natural foods (clean label) in which they can put their trust. Both are nowadays key and challenge drivers for the food industry.
This programme incorporates new physical technologies in the extraction of the virgin olive oil process in order to produce oils with a higher amount of minor components with higher preventive effects such as polyphenols and tocopherols.
EATrends and food fashion week is raising awareness of the key trends that are shaping food innovation today, and empowering people to influence the way they eat.
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