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Global Food Venture Programme
Global Food Venture Programme

Global Food Venture Programme

EIT Food’s flagship Global Food Venture programme is a dedicated offering to Doctoral Students across Europe working on food system challenges.

We´re excited to announce that Global Food Venture Programme of  EIT Food will support once again 50 highly-qualified PhD students from across Europe to turn their science into viable business in Food & AgTech space. Join our 4th cohort to bring your innovative research from the lab into the market!

Global Food Venture Programme offers a 6-Month curriculum designed to address the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs and early phase start-up ventures from PhD students. It comprises exciting activities like a 10-day Summer School in Entrepreneurship, 1-week Bootcamp in Business Incubation, International Bootcamp with experts from the famous Silicon Valley and individual Mobility Grants for business meetings with industry partners to validate technology feasibility and value propositions. The programme is divided in two independent stages (Stage I & Stage II), which can be completed in consecutive years or within the same one. The 2021 Stage II edition will conclude with a Final Competition Event, where students pitch their business plan in front of a jury and have the chance to win up to 10K cash Prizes for best start-up project. Participants are supported along this journey with one-on-one Business Coaching to advance start-up ideas and create solid business propositions in food & agtech space. Apply to GFVP Stages to gain knowledge & skills in business creation, expert insights, showcases, mentoring and great networking opportunities!

 OPEN CALLS for 2021: Stage I & Stage II


Global Food Venture Program: Stage I

Summer School

Our Stage I: Idea Development program aims to help Ph.D. students visualize scalable business ventures in the food and agricultural field from their research projects. The 10-day intensive program, will be joined by a 40 PhD student cohort, for a crash course on the idea development process, market & competitor analysis, prototyping, and financing. Participants are expected to apply the knowledge aquired hands-on, by developing a business idea that solves one of our food system's biggest problems. Summer school will culminate in a pitch competition, where best performers will be rewarded with a place in our mentoring programme and Business Incubation Stage II with waived fees! 

Summer school will run on full-days with many power breaks, plenty of peer to peer networking and interaction with our guest speakers, food experts, advanced entreprneurs and business coaches! Programme dates May 25 to June 3.

Check out Stage I unparalled benefits!

  • Global Food Venture Stage I, aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit of talented PhD students and help to improve creativity and system innovation skills. Participants will learn about the current challenges in Food & Agriculture and the transformation that is needed to create a sustainable and healthy system.
  • In an 10 day Summer School, students will gain essential skills in ideation and business creation, interact with top food & ag experts, educators, business coaches and established start-ups.     
  • Within groups, participants will develop business ideas that solve identified problems in food and agriculture, and pitch their ideas in a final competition. Top winners will be awarded a place in GFVP 2021 Stage II. 
  • Alumni of Stage I will have priority to join Global Food Venture Programme Business Incubation (Stage II) in 2022.                                                     


Summer School Impressions

Student Testimonials

Organising Partners of Stage I Summer School

IMDEA Autonomous University of Madrid

Global Food Venture Program: Stage II

Pre-Incubation Bootcamp of Stage II

Our 2021 Business Incubation program will accept up to 25 Ph.D. researchers with a venture idea or early-stage venture project in the agriculture and food field. 

The business incubation program kicks off with a pre-incubation Bootcamp, where we help participants sharpen their business model.  At the end of the Bootcamp, each individual will be paired with an expert mentor, who will provide business coaching, guidance and access to EIT Food ecosystem in a six-month mentoring programme.

Pre-Incubation Bootcamp Timeline

  • 28 - 30 June,  Full-day workshops
  • 01 - 02 July,    Half-day workshops (mornings)
  • 07. July,          Demo day with start-up pitches and prizes for winners        

Check out Stage II unparalled benefits!

  • The Global Food Venture Stage II educates aspiring entrepreneurs in the area of business creation though a 6-Month intensive curriculum of two training bootcamps, business coaching, networking events and online resources.
  • Participants of Stage II have the unique chance to explore key entrepreneurship ecosystems in Europe and become part of the EIT Food community.
  • Throughout the programme students interact with major players in the food & agriculture i.e. EIT Food industry partners, food system technology experts, start-up coaches and investors to get valuable feedback on their business idea
  • 6-Month tailored mentoring from an EIT Food partner plus coaching on Finance is additionally offered to all participants eager to get their start-up projects to the next level.
  • Best business ideas have the chance to win cash prizes up to 10K and connect to the EIT Food Accelerator Programmes and Seed Funding.

Pre-Incubation Bootcamp Impressions

Organising Partners of Pre-Incubation Bootcamp

EPFL Venture Lab



Business Immersion Bootcamp of Stage II

Our second Stage II Bootcamp focuses on equipping PhD students with skills & knowledge of building a company: team creation, IP protection, Investor negotiations, international expert insights, funding and financial management. Previous editions were held in San Francisco bay area and Davis California (2019) as well as Haifa, Israel (2018), giving participants a unique chance to immerse themselves in key entrepreneurship ecosystems. Due to COVID19 global pandemic, the Business Immersion Bootcamp will be delivered online.

The bootcamp will kick-off on Sep 27 and will have a duration equivalent to 10 full days, which will delivered in small blocks over a period of 4 weeks till Oct 24. Final agenda will be communicated 2-3 weeks in advance, before programme starts. 

Swipe below to have a look on experts and keynote speakers from past editions.

Experts & Keynote Speakers

Entrepreneur First

Entrepreneur First

London based talent investor entrepreneur first pays talented people to find a co-founder and found a company. Growth associate Kity Mayo talks on their form and launch method. GFVP and EF alumni Aditya Nayak shared his post-GFVP journey. 

Entrepreneur First
Solveiga Pakštaitė

Solveiga Pakštaitė

Solveiga, Mimica’s director, looks back on Mimica’s journey to success and insight into sustainable development goals.

Mimica Lab
Gain Velocity

Gain Velocity

Gain velocity teaches our PhDs on how to lead companies and grow better. 

Gain Velocity


Rikolto is an agriculture consulting NGO set in helping small farmers to grow and scale. 

Martin Giese

Martin Giese

Martin Giese: head of Xpreneur, business angel, and author, explain the art of negotiation and business models. 

Marco Masia

Marco Masia

Marco Masia- Innovation consultant and veteran entrepreneur talks start-up financing.

Invest in Bavaria

Invest in Bavaria

Johanna Hebestreit of Invest in Bavaria gave an introduction to Bavaria’s start-up ecosystem.  

Invest in Bavaria
Nathan Gold

Nathan Gold

Communication Expert Nathan Gold leads a workshop on how to bring your pitching skill to the next level.

The Demo Coach
Olaf Biedekarken

Olaf Biedekarken

Olaf Biedekarken is the head of sensory and consumer science at Döhler- Germany’s leading producer and distributor of natural ingredients, ingredient system, and integrated solution for the food and beverage industry.  

Benedicte Simons

Benedicte Simons

Marketing manager Benedicte Simons would be introducing the Institute Paul Bocuse Research Center at Lyon.

the Institute Paul Bocuse Research Center
Theo Kanellos and Luke Dalton

Theo Kanellos and Luke Dalton

Meet Theo Kanellos and Luke Dalton of Zoetis, the animal healthcare provider with a mission to understand better and address the real-world challenges faced by those who raise and care for animals.

Mira Schütze

Mira Schütze

Mira Schütze will be giving our members a quick introduction to Bavaria’s startup ecosystem and the EIT Food Accelerator Network.

EIT Food
Florian Grigolet & Arnold Bitner

Florian Grigolet & Arnold Bitner

GFVP alumni Florian Grigolet and co-founder Arnold Bitner contemplate on their experience of developing Modelwise’s business development, raising funds, and convincing potential customers.

Rick Kostner

Rick Kostner

Rick Kostner will be heading a workshop on the art of outstanding leadership.

Rick Kostner
Julie Morris

Julie Morris

Catch up on the newest development in California’s Agri-Food innovation scene with Julie Morris, a California-based Food & Agri consultant, and UC Davis lecturer.

UC Davis
Belinda Büchner

Belinda Büchner

Belinda gives a presentation on TUM entrepreneurial culture and founder support

TUM Incubator
Eric Malis

Eric Malis

Eric is an Entrepreneur, attorney, investor, professor, and the founder of Talis Partners LP-a legal and strategy consulting firm specializing in serving the startup community. Eric talk on Silicon Valley
entrepreneurial culture
and investment.

Talis Partner LP

Immersion Bootcamp Impressions

Organising Partners of Bootcamp

Technical University of Munich

Student Testimonials Stage II

Final Pitch Event

The final pitching event marks the end of the Stage II journey. On this day, our cohort showcase the business plan they honed over the last five months. A jury panel consisting of food industry experts and representatives from the EIT Food community rewarded 3 of the most innovative business plans with money prizes up to 10K.

Mobility Grants

GFVP participants of Stage II can apply for a mobility grant of up to 2000€,  to enable them validate their early-stage business idea with an industry partner and/or technology experts. Application for the grant should include description of the start-up project, mobility purpose, expected benefits, cost estimations and outcome of the action. Our 2019 alumnus Caterina Chemetova used this chance to visit industry partners, Belgian enterprises DCM and Scientia Terrae. A fellow 2019 cohort member, Jatiziri, visited baking product manufacturer, the puratos group in Belgium, to validate her FERMENT-UP project, which helps chocolate farmers to practice better management. 

Due to COVID19 global pandemic, the Mobility Grant activity will be delivered online.


Expert mentors from Global Food Venture partners guide you through the six-month journey to validate business ideas and bring your entrepreneurial goal to the next level. Swipe below to see our curated list of quality mentors.


Register now for the Webinars 2021

GFVP 2021 live webinar is coming soon on the 15th of April at 4pm

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If you belong to Marie Curie Assosiation then join our exclusive Webinar on the 14. of April at 5pm & learn more about the Global Food Venture Programme

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The GFVP Activity Lead Chryssa Dimaki and fellow Program Manager Mina Mansoor Rankel hosted a live webinar on the 17th of April 2020. Those wondering whether the Global Food Venture Programme was the right fit were welcomed to join and get to know our mission, curriculum, entry criteria, partners, and alumni project. The webinar also featured Dr. Miguel Molina Romero, CTO of AI-based start-up Orbem, who shared his experience with our programme in 2018.


Our Alumni

The Global Food Venture helps researchers from all scientific disciplines to visualize business ideas from their research project and bring existing ventures to the next level. We focus on supporting new companies in disrupting the food and agriculture system- from bioplastic, supply chain to alt-meat. Here are some of our past alumni projects. 


2019 Alumni



2018 Alumni

Our Alumni Success Stories coming up soon!

Programme Calls


How to Apply

GFVP Stage I: Idea Development

 You don't need an idea to join our Stage I program. We choose people based on their entrepreneurial spirit namely, those interested to understand the essentials of entrepreneurship and develop a research-based venture idea to tackle our food system's most pressing issues. Application phase for Stage I ends on May 10, 2021 (deadline extended).




GFVP Stage II: Busines Incubation

Stage II program is designed to incubate very early-phase or idea-phase ventures in food & agriculture space by PhD students. Your idea has to be research-based, with the potential to be commercialized and ideally, generate a social or environmental impact. Application phase for Stage II ends on June 5, 2021  (deadline extended).




PhD students can apply to both Stages, and complete Global Food Venture Programme within the same year, if they are successful with both applications!

Programme Timeline

Entry Fees

GFVP is funded by EIT Food. Programme activities are financially covered for all participants. If your application is successful, you are required to sign a consent form with EIT Food to confirm participation and the use of grant money for mobility purposes.

Entry fees will apply for Stage I & Stage II participants upon enrollment.

Stage I Fees: € 300 (Mai 2021) & Stage II Fees: € 420 (in two instalments June, Sep 2021)

Contact & Social Media

For more information on our programme, shoot us an E-mail at

Follow our hashtag #eitfoodGFVP on social media to take a glimpse on our activities.


COVID19 global pandemic forces us to run Global Food Venture Program boocamps fully online. Our team will maintain program's high quality and deliver impact to our successful candidates once again! Contact us, if you have concerns regarding your participation.   


The following partners are involved in the project

Technical University of Munich
Queen’s University of Belfast
University of Turin
University of Warsaw
Aarhus University

Project Lead

Chryssa Dimaki, PhD

TU Munich


Activity Lead

Contact details

Mina Mansoor Rankel

EIT Food


Programme Manager

Contact details

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