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Rikolto Belgium
Rikolto Belgium


Rikolto is an international NGO building bridges of trust and trade, between the food industry, governments, research institutions, banks and farmer organisations around this one central question: “What will we eat tomorrow?”. We plant and harvest new solutions, making the food system more transparent, so consumers are able to make a sustainable choice. 

Competences & Capabilities

  • Inclusive Business models
  • Multi-stakeholder facilitation
  • Short-chain distribution platforms
  • Food strategies for cities
  • Consumer empowerment
  • Agrifood entrepreneurship & innovation
  • Healthy and sustainable food at schools
Rikolto Belgium

Blijde Inkomststraat 50, 3000 Leuven, Belgium


Erik Devogelaere, Finance Manager
+32 496 169 160

Partner in the following EIT Food projects

Rikolto Belgium

Robin Food

The recent pandemic has resulted in enormous amounts of surplus leftovers such as vegetables and fresh fruits, causing difficulties for farmers

Rikolto Belgium


We will achieve this by:  Convening a network of ‘maker spaces’, providing collaborative spaces to make, learn, explore and share, for MAKEathons and further prototyping resources; Designing and delivering a series of MAKEathons across Europe where different stakeholders come together to find solutions to identified industry challenges in specific value chains; Training professionals to be able to develop entrepreneurial capabilities across the food value chain in Europe

Rikolto Belgium

MAKE-IT! An infrastructure to hack simpler and smarter food value chains 2020

This project aims to develop these through: Using existing information and industrial challenges to inform the hackathons around specific food industry chains