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Robin Food
Robin Food

Robin Food

Robin Food includes vulnerable groups in the revalorisation of extra leftovers in the food chain.

The recent pandemic has resulted in enormous amounts of surplus leftovers such as vegetables and fresh fruits, causing difficulties for farmers. At the same time, a growing number of people do not have enough resources to feed themselves and their families due to the economic shock and rising unemployment caused by the COVID-19 crisis. Robin Food will offer new life to those leftovers, transforming them into new food products, for example tomato soup. The food products will be launched in Spain, The Netherlands and Belgium, focusing on making them available particularly to socially vulnerable groups.

External Partners

OKay Eroski enVie Riso Vlaams-Brabant Verspillingsfabriek EIT Food South Robin Good

Project Team

Joris Aertsens
Joris Aertsens Activity Leader


The following partners are involved in the project

Rikolto Belgium
Colruyt Group

Project Lead

Joris Aertsens


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