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Global Food Venture Programme 2020

Global Food Venture Programme 2020

The flagship Global Food Venture programme is EIT Food's dedicated offering to Doctoral Students working on food system challenges across Europe.

We´re excited to announce that the Global Food Venture Programme of  EIT Food will support once again highly-qualified PhD students from across Europe to transform their research into viable business in the Food & AgTech space.

The programme fosters the entrepreneurial growth of doctoral students working on challenges in the Agrifood sector. Young innovators gain essential business creation skills and knowledge through a bespoke 6-Month Curriculum of Training Bootcamps, Mentoring, Corporate Site Visits, Global Networking Events and Pitch Competitions. In this period, they are supported by top coaches and technology experts from EIT Food partners and have the unique chance to explore key innovation ecosystems in Europe. 

Join our 3rd cohort to bring your research from the bench to the market!

Due to COVID-19, the Global Food Venture Programme is moving some of its planned activities ONLINE! The summer school of Stage I & the business pre-incubation bootcamp of Stage II will now run in a virtual format. The rest of Stage II activities planned in Autumn 2020 may take place as physical events, depending on the European guidelines at that time. No activity will be cancelled and the organisers work hard to ensure that the programme will deliver impact once again for our successful candidates. If you have any concerns regarding your participation, do not hesitate to contact us (    Looking forward to your application! DEADLINE EXTENDED

Application for Stage II is OPEN


Programme Open Calls 2020

In 2020 Global Food Venture Programme has two OPEN CALLS for doctoral students.

GFVP Stage I                    Idea Development

The Global Food Venture Programme - Stage I is now recruiting an interdisciplinary group of 40 PhD students eager to create solutions for the challenges in our food system. Participants from across Europe will get together for a life-changing, immersive entrepreneurial experience to gain the fundamentals skills & knowledge in ideation and venture creation, receive coaching over 6 months and develop successful business ideas in the food & agtech space. Apply now to "GFVP STAGE I - Idea development" and join us ONLINE on June 8 for the GFVP Summer School 2020!

GFVP Stage II              Business Incubation

The Global Food Venture Programme - Stage II is designed to support 25 talented PhD students with solid business ideas in food & agriculture.  Early stage entrepreneurs will join our pre Incubation bootcamp in June (virtual format) and a 6 month mentoring programme to bring their ventures to the next level! For Stage II participants, a second entrepreneurship immersion bootcamp is planned in October, as well as a final pitch competition event  in Europe with innovation prizes from EIT Food! To learn all about viable business creation, recieve tailored mentoring support, acess a network of experts and have the possibility to win an innovation prize from EIT Food, apply now to "GFVP STAGE II - Business pre Incubation" and meet us ONLINE on June 28 to kick-off the GFVP 2020 journey!


What to Expect

Check out Global Food Venture Programme´s unparalled benefits!

GFVP Stage I                  Idea Development

  • The Global Food Venture Stage I, aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit of talented PhD students and help to improve creativity and system innovation skills. Participants will learn about the current challenges in Food & Agriculture and the transformation that is needed to create a sustainable and healthy system.
  • In an 10 day Summer School, students will gain essential skills in ideation and business creation, interact with top food & ag experts, educators, business coaches and established start-ups.
  • Within groups, participants will develop business ideas that solve identified problems in food and agriculture, and pitch their ideas in a final competition. Top winners will be awarded a place in GFVP 2020 Stage II.
  • Students eager to further work on solutions for the Agrifood sector will be assigned a mentor for a period of 6 months to support them with their venture.
  • Alumni of Stage I will have priority to join Global Food Venture Programme Business pre Incubation in 2021.

GFVP Stage II      Busines Incubation

  • The Global Food Venture Stage II will educate aspiring entrepreneurs in the area of business creation though a 6-Month intensive curriculum of two training bootcamps, company visits, business coaching, global networking events and online resources.
  • Participants of Stage II will have the unique chance to explore key entrepreneurship ecosystems in Europe and become part of the EIT Food community.
  • During the programme students will interact with major players in the food & agriculture i.e. EIT Food industry partners, food system technology experts, start-up coaches and VCs to get valuable feedback on their business idea
  • 6-Month tailored mentoring from an EIT Food partner will be additionally offered to all participants eager to get their start-up projects to the next level.
  • Best business ideas will have the chance to win an innovation prize and connect to the EIT Food Accelerator Programmes and Seed Funding.



Current PhD students from any European Institute or H2020 associated country are welcome to apply to Global Food Venture Programme Stage I or Stage II.  Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you require any clarification or further information on the application process.

GFVP Stage I           Idea Development

For Stage I - we accept PhDs with any academic background eager to learn the essentials of entrepreneurship and develop business ideas that address challenges in the food & agriculture. Application Deadline 30 April!

Download the application form for Stage I and APPLY HERE


GFVP Stage II      Busines Incubation

For Stage II - welcome are PhD students with early stage start-up projects / business ideas in the food & agtech space. We support technology-based projects across the agrifood value chain (production, processing, distribution, consumption and side streams). Don't hesitate to apply before the Extended Deadline on 20 June!

Download the application form for Stage II and APPLY HERE


Participation Fees

The Global Food Venture Programme is fully funded by EIT Food and free of costs for the PhD students.

Participants are required to sign a consent form with EIT Food at the outset of the programme to confirm their participation into the programme activities and the use of grant money for mobility purposes.


Are you ready to embark on a new & challenging venture?                 Join Global Food Venture Program 2020!


Follow our hashtag #eitfoodGFVP on Social Media like Twitter or LinkedIn and get a glimpse of our past activities!  


The following partners are involved in the project

Aarhus University

Project Lead

Dr. Chryssa Dimaki

TU Munich


Activity Lead

Contact details

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