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Digital Traceability

We are supporting technologies that make it easier to digitalise traceability. This can improve the safety, efficiency and sustainability of food.

Tracking food via digital systems

Digital traceability can alleviate and reduce many of the agrifood sector’s most pressing risks. It can optimise the use and reuse of materials or resources, boosting the sustainability and cost-efficiency of the food supply chain. Digital traceability technologies can also certify products to ensure only fair and sustainable goods make it to market - and that the authenticity of these products are communicated to the consumer.

At EIT Food, we work with a number of startups and partners innovating and making digital traceability the norm in the agrifood industry

Connecting students and young professionals from different backgrounds to provide insights into sustainable production and consumption towards healthier diets.
Free 3-week course where you will develop entrepreneurial skills and acquire knowledge about sustainable agriculture and targeted nutrition to create a new innovative product
3-week course where you will develop entrepreneurial skills and gain knowledge of technologies for managing food ecosystems

Master in Food Systems

September 01, 2022
The Master’s in Food Systems programme is developing top talent for the food sector, by training the leaders of the future

How can digital traceability increase trust in the agrifood industry?

Consumer trust is vital if we are to drive positive change in the agrifood industry. Do digital traceability technologies hold the key to true transparency?

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