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Sustainable Aquaculture

We are transforming the aquaculture sector by reducing its carbon footprint, transitioning to circular economy, and ensuring food security and safety.

Supporting sustainable seafood consumption

Aquaculture, the farming of aquatic animals and plants such as fish, shellfish, seaweed and algae in water environments, could meet up to two-thirds of global seafood consumption by 2030. However, aquaculture practices are often inefficient and can have a significant impact on the environment and aquatic biodiversity. By supporting entrepreneurs and industry stakeholders and educating consumers, we can better scale sustainable aquaculture practices to ensure the future of seafood is secured.

open call
We’re looking for retailers to be connected with startups/SMEs and launch innovative food products in the market through the RIS S2M programme
We are glad to present you the first edition of CERES Awards by EIT Food South, which will be celebrated in the frame of the V FUN&FAN event on October 9th, in Bilbao (Spain). Apply until August 25th!
regional blog
In this blog, we deep-dive into a career as a mechanical engineer working in the precision fishing industry.

Can sustainable aquaculture help to achieve the UN SDGs?

As global demand for protein increases, aquaculture is playing a growing role in feeding the population, but is aquaculture sustainable and can it be used to address the SDGs?

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How can we solve water scarcity?

July 24, 2023 - New Food
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As droughts become more frequent, EIT Food’s CEO Andy Zynga uses his second column to examine the possible ways we can respond to water scarcity through food innovation.
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When it comes to sustainable ingredients, there’s been a growing conversation around algae and how it could help to feed an increasing population healthily and sustainably. Large-scale cultivation of algae has happened for a while now in…
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As the demand for seafood foods rises, the need for sustainable practices becomes ever-more pressing. In the first of a new series, EIT Food’s CEO Dr Andy Zynga, emphases the urgent call for sustainable aquaculture – and what exactly that…
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EIT Food, the world’s largest food innovation community, recently announced the results of its Marketed Innovation Prize, designed to reward innovative food organisations that have successfully brought products or services to market.

All you can learn #2 - Sustainable Seafood: Barriers and Opportunities in the Fishing Industry

Hear what aquaculture experts have to say about sustainable seafood and the barriers and opportunities in the fishing industry!

Fish is a primary source of protein and essential nutrients, and there is a growing recognition of its nutritional and health-promoting qualities.
As the demand for farmed seafood increases, it’s vital that the aquaculture industry continues to provide authentic and safe-to-eat seafood.
There is a need for more sustainable alternatives to commercial fish feeds in the aquaculture sector.
regional blog
In this blog we deep-dive into what a career as a marine scientist entails.
in the media
At the conference "Changes in the food system" on June 27 and 28 in Riga, experts, innovation authors, policy makers and industry enthusiasts will discuss global challenges in the food industry. The conference is being held for the fifth…
in the media
The Food Systems Partnership or Alianza para los Sistemas Alimentarios (ASA) has presented today at the Bonn Conference on Climate Change a document that includes half a dozen strategies to facilitate the adoption of "urgent measures"…
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