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GROW: Empowering Farmers for a Sustainable Journey

EIT Food presents GROW, a project that gives farmers an active voice and makes them leaders in shaping a sustainable and resilient food system.



GROW recognizes farmers as the main drivers of change in the agri-food sector. Our main goal is to establish a pan-European platform where you as a farmer gain the knowledge, the tools and the confidence to navigate the evolving agri-food landscape.

A consortium of partners across Europe is responsible for engaging with local farmers and producers and organizing activities and events to promote sustainable and zero-carbon practices, enhance farmers' entrepreneurial skills, and mitigate risks associated with adopting sustainable digital technologies.

Be part of the project and find the ideal environment for knowledge exchange among your fellow professionals/peers!

Project lead

Mariana Fazenda

EIT Food Education - Programme Manager

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Deniz Koca

Project Leader - Lund University

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Carolina Pereira

Project Manager - BGI

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