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EIT Food GROW is a capacity building project to equip farmers with the necessary knowledge and skills for more innovation and entrepreneurship in the agricultural landscape. The project aims to educate and empower a new generation of farmers as change agents in the agri-food sector, by developing and providing the necessary education/training material to enhance sustainable agriculture, i.e. to scale up regenerative agriculture, increase soil health, increase adoption of digital technologies, reduce and better use of agricultural waste/side streams in the emerging circular bioeconomy.


More specifically the GROW project will:

  • Enhance recognition of the important role of primary production and farmers in transforming food systems;
  • Foster knowledge and understanding about innovation and entrepreneurship among farmers;
  • Promote better access and use of digital agri-food technologies;
  • De-risk the transition to sustainable agricultural practices and expanded regenerative agriculture;
  • Increase value-added products from agricultural waste/side streams and increase revenues as part of the circular bioeconomy.

Who is it for?

The project targets primarily farmers (with special focus on young and women from RIS countries), as well as other key actors across the agrifood sector I.e. SMEs, startups, industry, public/private organisations etc.

Planned Activities

Some of the planned activities within the project include, but are not limited to:

  • Perform surveys to understand better the needs of farmers;
  • Development of curriculum;
  • Compiling a database of living labs, lighthouses, best practices, showcase to be used in the education/training activities;
  • Creation of interactive platform/toolbox to be used by farmers;
  • Development and organisation of education/training activities including seminars, courses, workshops, podcasts, master classes, MOOCs etc., as well as networking events;
  • Dissemination and communication of all activities in the science-industry-policy interface.

Expected Project Outcomes

Some of the expected outcomes from the GROW project include:

  • The important role of primary production and farmers in food systems transformation is better understood and widely acknowledged
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship among farmers
  • Improved access to, and use of, agri-food digital technologies
  • Adoption of sustainable agriculture practices and scaled up regenerative agriculture
  • More value-added products from agricultural waste/side streams and increased revenues as a part of circular bioeconomy.

Project lead

Mariana Fazenda

EIT Food Education - Programme Manager

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Deniz Koca

Project Leader - Lund University

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Carolina Pereira

Project Manager - BGI

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