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Improving trust on fish chain: Rapid and portable monitoring tools for a better control of whitefish

Fish is a healthy nutritional food. The increasing global market demand coupled with fish-food scandals, has generated a high level of safety concerns around fish consumption.


This project provides three rapid, hand-held tools for enhancing the trust in fish products. The objective of this collaboration is to generate real-time, reliable, portable and friendly-to-use monitoring devices that help to assess the freshness, nutritional value, identity of certain types of fish, the use of antibiotics, and the fraudulent use of excess water in fish. Retailers and the HORECA sector will have a new set of tools to improve the transparency of quality and authenticity of the fish products they sell, so they can fight fish fraud and regain consumers’ trust. The digital data collected in this study will also allow the development of a tool for consumers use at a later stage. The project contributes to the mission of EIT Food to give consumers access to safe, nutritious fish of the highest quality.


Project lead

Isabel Hoffmann Pic
Isabel Hoffmann


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