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A Day in the Life series

The agri-food industry has a variety of exciting jobs on offer throughout the food value chain. This video series aims to inspire young audiences to consider a career within the agri-food sector.


About EIT Food's Day in the Life series

At EIT Food, we believe it's important to educate young people about different food and farming jobs, to inspire them to want to work in the agri-food sector.

The agri-food sector needs skilled workers

Our agri-food industry is expected to face a labour shortage by 2030, with some areas of the industry already experiencing a decline in the supply of workers. As a response to this, our ‘Day in the Life’ series aims to encourage young people to consider a career in the agri-food industry, by profiling a range of jobs that the industry has to offer. We need skilled people with technical and entrepreneurial skills to address some of the biggest challenges our food system faces, from mitigating climate change to combatting food fraud to feeding a growing population sustainably.

Young people do not receive food and farming careers advice

The lack of careers information young people receive about food and farming roles has also driven the development of this series. Many young people are disconnected about how food is produced and how it reaches their plates and in schools, there is less emphasis on teaching children about agri-food careers. Therefore, this series generates awareness about different careers and how they relate to the journey our food makes from farm-to-fork. 

We provide a real-life snapshot of agri-food careers

Our videos enable young people to learn about the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of a particular job. This helps viewers to decide whether they would like to uptake a career in the job being profiled. In each video, we also provide the necessary careers information the viewer needs to kick-start their journey.

In our Day in the Life series, we have videos that are suitable to both a young child and young adult audience.

The Microbaker

A microbaker produces bread for customers in their local community. Meet Alexandra Vaughan, a baker and a small business owner of the Crow’s Rest Bakehouse.

The Research and Development Chef

Research and Development chefs creates new flavours and food products for us to eat. Meet Patrick Clifford from PepsiCo to learn all about a day in the life of a research and development chef.

The Scientific Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers help to tell the world about science-based solutions to global challenges. Meet Marina Gonzalo from Eagle Genomics to learn all about a day in the life of a scientific marketing manager.

The Farmer

Farmers have a crucial role in producing our food. Meet James Evans to learn all about a day in the life of a farmer.

The Nutritionist

Nutritionists have an important role in telling us what foods we should eat. Meet Hannah Baugh to learn all about a day in the life of a nutritionist.

The Mechanical Engineer

Engineers have an important role in creating and optimising food system technologies. Meet Naomi Gold from EIT Food RisingFoodStar SafetyNet Technologies to learn all about a day in the life of a mechanical engineer.

The Startup Founder

Startup companies and small businesses have a vital role to play in transforming our food systems for the better. Meet Solveiga Pakštaitė, Founder and Director of Mimica, an EIT Food RisingFoodStar.

The Operations Director

New technologies can help to transform our food systems for the better. Importantly, we need a skilled workforce to be able to develop and manage these technologies. Meet Oli Hilbourne, Operations Director at Outfield.

The Communications Manager

Communication about food systems challenges is important to inspire transformative change. Meet Laura Elphick, Communications Manager at EIT Food, who shares her passion for creating engaging content to inspire food systems change.

The Quality Manager

Quality managers help to ensure that the food on our plate is safe to eat. Increasingly, they aim to make food products traceable, so that we know which farm and even which animal our food came from. Meet Richie Bennett, Quality Manager at ABP UK.

The Marine Scientist

Marine scientists conduct essential research about the relationship between the sea and our food systems. Meet Adrian McLeod, Marine Scientist at The Scottish Association of Marine Science, an EIT Food Partner.

EIT Food Youth Mission

Our Day in the Life series is part of EIT Food's Youth Mission programme. The programme aims to drive awareness over healthy and sustainable food systems, and providing children with the appropriate knowledge to make dietary choices that promote food sustainability.

Project lead

2019 Jan22 eit food portraits vivien bodereau
Vivien Bodereau

Mission Lead (A net zero food system)

Laura Elphick2
Laura Elphick EIT Food West

Ecosystem Manager

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