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Career Days

The main objective of the Career Days (CDs) is to raise awareness of the significance of food in modern life, and to demonstrate their relevance to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


The objective of Career Days is to illustrate to the next generation of children and adolescents the necessary higher education pathways, leading to meaningful and exciting careers that innovate the agrifood sector across the entire value chain, in agri/aquaculture, industry, academia and research, but also as entrepreneurs and creators of startups.

Through the Career Days, EIT Food aims to:

  • Inspire and encourage young people to study a food-related discipline, bringing much needed human capital into the food system.
  • Promote the knowledge, skills, and attitudes in demand in the agri-food sector.
  • Showcase the exciting and meaningful opportunities in industries pioneering innovation in the sector. These range from careers in industry, further research at universities and research & training organisations, as well as creating start-ups and the corresponding EIT Food support and opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

Project lead

2019 Jan22 eit food portraits vivien bodereau
Vivien Bodereau

Mission Lead (A net zero food system)

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