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Alessia Tempesta

Passionately advocating for a more sustainable Food System, one bite at a time.

I believe in new generation awareness and power to drive the change. I think that we need to rethink the food system in a circular way in order to reduce waste and to promote a more efficient use of resources such as water, energy and raw materials.

Other than that, I think that future food systems need to include and develop alternative sources of proteins such as insects based ones, the topic of my bachelor thesis.

I have a Bachelor degree in Food Science and I am now attending the second year of the EIT Food master in Food Systems.

Alice Terpereau

Equipped with a background in economics, mathematics and IT, Alice then specialised in sustainable territorial development through a master degree. Interested in the overall sustainability science field, she has been engaged in different activities and organisations aiming at advancing further our capacities as a society to be sustainable in the long term. Food systems and consumers' consumption have been at the core of her personal interests and expertise, advocating for a better understanding of the overall food systems, wishing to empower citizens through conscious consumption practices.

Bella Boersma

Bella is a food enthusiast from the UK who is passionate about improving the health of people and the planet through innovation and a systems approach.

Alongside a BA in International Business Management and French, she has undertaken work placements with The Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST), and the Birmingham City Council Public Health team working on Birmingham Food Strategy.

She currently works for the NHS in Wales as a Senior Public Health Communications Officer, while completing her MSc in Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Public Health at the University of Bristol.

She is a member of the Faculty of Public Health (FPH), and holds a certificate in Food and Public Policy from the Centre for Food Policy in London.

Carlos Navarrete

Carlos is a recent graduate in Biotechnology. Hailing from Spain, he is currently pursuing his Master's in Drug Research, Development and Control from the University of Barcelona.

Driven by his belief in the transformative power of science, he understands the importance innovation and research hold in creating a sustainable and secure food system. Carlos is excited to contribute to FutureFoodMakers as he sees the integration of biotechnology and synthetic biology into the food industry to address pressing challenges such as food safety, environmental sustainability, and nutritional deficiencies.

Charlotte Viale

Charlotte grew up in a multicultural environment (Russia, Switzerland, Nigeria, China, Romania, India, Belgium, Netherlands) becoming passionate about food through experiencing global cuisines.

Seeking an international environment closely knit with food, she completed her Bachelor's at the EHL Hospitality Business School and a Master’s in Consumer Studies at the Wageningen University and Research. Charlotte recently joined Nespresso to work in consumer and market insights to help drive innovative strategies and enhance consumer experiences.

Gordon Gaussmann

Gordon's passion for food is rooted in the great impact it has on a personal level on our health and on a global level on our planet. He is a believer in the positive impact innovation will have on the food sector. In particular he's fascniated by innovative ideas emerging from start-ups in the FoodTech scene.

Originally from Germany he is now living in Stockholm. He holds a MSc in Business & Management fromStockhom School of Econmics. During his Master'sThesis he researched how start-ups can use the recent crises as the Covid-19 pandemic to establish their offering in the market.

Júlia Montoliu Boneu

Júlia is a health enthusiast from Spain. She is studying for her Masters in Pharmaceutical Engineering and is a trained Pharmacist and Nutritionist.

She has a huge interest in the development of sustainable food systems, which is why she is thrilled to take part in this project as a FutureFoodMaker. She believes that we should pursue a multidisciplinary model for the food industry, in order to establish changes focused on the health of the consumer.

She believes the planet's welfare is critical to our health and reinforces the prevention of non-communicable diseases through a responsible food system. She expects her point of view as a health professional to provide a new perspective and contribute to change!

Lucy Whittaker

Lucy Whittaker, a British Amsterdam-based content professional, blends her expertise in multiformat content production with a deep-rooted passion for sustainable food system transformation and social impact. In her current role as Content Editor at Food Ingredients Global, part of Informa Markets, Lucy engages with stakeholders across the global agrifood system through the curation of impactful digital content and live and virtual industry events.

Her work seeks to connect the disconnected and promote a healthier, fairer, and more sustainable food system for all. Lucy holds a first-class MA in French and Politics from the University of Edinburgh and Science Po Grenoble, and outside of work enjoys travelling, yoga, and trying out as all the latest and greatest food and wine spots.

María Etessam Álvaro

Meet María Etessam Álvaro, a dynamic nutritionist and advocate reshaping the global food narrative. Armed with a Master's in Women's Health and Nutrition, María combines research experience with a passion for community empowerment. Her impactful work in the Food Wave Project, an EU initiative, saw her connecting with teens in vulnerable situations, linking food habits to social and environmental impact.

María's hands-on experience spans scientific research, nutrition service, and active involvement in NGOs, fostering a comprehensive understanding of nutritional challenges. Her multicultural background fuels her commitment to collaborating with local communities for improved food security and sustainable agriculture.

With a focus on nutritional education and activism, María represents the youth voice at local and international events, embodying a vision for a healthier, more informed future in the agri-food sector.

Sasha Cohen Ioannides

Sasha holds a love for innovation and sustainability. She is the co-founder and board member of Ecotone Renewables, a company transforming food waste into fertiliser and electricity and she currently works with sustainable freight innovations.

Sasha has previously been a Max Thabiso Edkins Ambassador and a PreCOP26 and UNITE2030 Youth Delegate. She holds a MSc in Business and Management at Stockholm School of Economics and a BSc in Decision Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

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