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Brenda Langevoort

Brenda is 20 years old and is from the Netherlands. Ever since she was little, she has been passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle, and that passion has led her here. She thinks that the food sector is such a huge polluter to the environment, and there’s a lot of room for improvement.

She is excited to be part of the FutureFoodMaker team, to chat with other young people about how they can make the food sector more sustainable, and hopefully inspire others to create change. When she is not busy with being a FutureFoodMaker or at university, you can find her on the climbing wall, strumming her ukulele, painting, or outside in nature.

Charlotte Viale

Charlotte grew up in a multicultural environment (Moscow, Geneva, Lagos, Guangzhou, Bucharest, Mumbai, Antwerp, Brussels), becoming passionate about food through experiencing global cuisines.

Seeking an international environment closely knit with food, she completed her Bachelor's at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in June 2021. Charlotte is now studying for a Master's at Wageningen University and Research, also known as the Food Valley, to further pursue her education in the food industry.

Chloé Dorin

Chloé is a food passionate with a background in the hospitality and food industry. She works in Amsterdam at HelloFresh, the leading mealkit worldwide, where she helps change the way people eat forever. Her mantra? Love Food Hate Waste.

As a French lady, she treats food like it was sacred. Therefore she wants supermarkets to fight food waste and create value from products that are about to expire or that don’t look good, avoiding food to be dumped. Her adoration of food comes from her travels. After visiting 43 countries, she has realised that food connects people, but that the industry needs to change for it to continue.

Eliska Waclawkova

Eliska is 21 years old and is from the Czech Republic but has been travelling for the last two years. When she was volunteering on organic permacultures and farms in Europe and Central America she came across a completely different approach to the food industry in general.

She is also really interested in nutrition and how food affects our bodies. She would love to improve the situation in Europe and find a way to provide society with high quality food that is produced, stored and distributed in a sustainable way.

Emilija Oreščanin

Emilija is a BSc in Food technology and currently pursuing a master’s degree in the field of Economics. This interchange in her career path allows her to acquire a multidisciplinary approach, which is a necessity in overcoming complex obstacles the food industry is facing.

Professional interests are sustainability-oriented, with the ultimate career goal of leaving a positive impact on the food industry. Working as a project manager at BioSense Institute allows her to be involved in different projects that introduce innovative concepts in the agrifood sector. Emilija is passionate about traveling, exploring new cultures, foods and meeting new people.

Júlia Montoliu Boneu

Júlia is 24 years old and is a health enthusiast from Spain. She graduated from Pharmacy at Universidad de Navarra, where she is also currently finishing her studies to become a Nutritionist and Dietitian.

She has a huge interest in the development of sustainable food systems, which is why she is thrilled to take part on this project as a FutureFoodMaker. She believes that we should pursue a multidisciplinary model for the food industry, in order to establish changes focused on the health of the consumer.

She says that the prevention of health problems through responsible food alternatives is an alternative but important approach to sustainability. She expects her point of view as a health professional to provide a new perspective and contribute to change!

Kari Noelken

Kari is a Bachelor of Honours candidate in Nutrition at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. She was born and raised in Germany. Outside of university, she is a competitive long-distance runner and involved in the foundation of a running club in her hometown Braunschweig.

She is interested in public health, politics, nutrition and sustainability and wants to pursue a career in the food sector after finishing her studies. She is passionate about making a difference in the food system to improve people’s health and well-being as well as having a positive impact on the climate.

Poppy Eyre

Poppy is 23 years old. Her interest in the world of food and agriculture was first sparked in 2015 after beginning her studies in the Netherlands, focusing on global food systems and how we can redesign these to safeguard our climate, environment and people.

In the last few years she has gained experience in the cocoa, seed and insect protein sectors, and is now focusing on innovation in citizen-driven food systems. In particular, she is passionate about primary food production and farming as an opportunity for environmental regeneration, health and engagement of local communities.

Ricard Celorio

Ricard graduated in Human Nutrition and Dietetics (UB) with a Masters in Food Safety. He is a Master's student in Public Health and PhD candidate in Food Sciences.

He is teaching Gender Diversity and Health in Biomedicine and Medicine BSc. He is the President of the Spanish Federation of University Dietitians-Nutritionists (FEDNU) and Chair Member of the Catalan Association of Food Sciences (ACCA). He is also the Conference Anchor of the European Network of Dietetics Students (ENDietS).

Sasha Cohen Ioannides

Sasha holds a love of biomimicry, innovation, and sustainability. She has co-founded two startups: Ecotone Renewables, transforming food waste into fertiliser and electricity, and FarmEZ, empowering farmers through price sharing, through the Young Sustainable Impact Incubator.

Sasha has previously been a PreCOP26 and UNITE2030 Youth Delegate. She holds a BSc in Decision Science from Carnegie Mellon University and is pursuing her MSc in Business and Management at Stockholm School of Economics.