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Portugal is the largest global producer of cork and is one of EIT-Food’s RIS countries

Agriculture as Portugal’s economic backbone

Portugal’s agrifood sector is one of the leading employers in the country. Thanks to good weather and landscape conditions, it has a very diversified agriculture, where fruit and vegetables are the key crops. Furthermore, Portugal’s ability to reinvent themselves and create new products and new production techniques makes Portugal an outstanding EIT-Food member.

Room for Improvement

While Portuguese R&D is in full bloom, with a highly skilled workforce and with a substantial research potential, the investment in environmental technologies remains still low. EIT Food can foster innovation by creating connections among different actors and supporting the empowerment and enhancement of small producers.

In essence, Portugal has much potential for becoming a leading innovator thanks to the regeneration of rural areas, the competitiveness of the agrifood sector and the development of new solutions.

Portuguese cuisine is based on the use of olive oil, rice, pastries, seafood and a mix of foreign ingredients obtained thanks to the trade routes established centuries ago.

Upcoming Events

Webinar: “Structure of a Proposal for EIT Food”

Webinar: “Structure of a Proposal for EIT Food”

EIT Food South organises a refresher webinar for their partners about how to prepare strong business-case proposals for EIT Food.

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Pre-Horasis, The Future of Food

Pre-Horasis, The Future of Food

EIT Food and PeakBridge will host a side-event to the 2019 Horasis Global Meeting in Cascais, on the 5th of April. The main aim is to discuss about the challenges of the food system and about how and why EIT works with startups to transform Europe’s food system.

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