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Open Innovation culture, creativity, and people at EIT Food's Corporate Venturing talk

In an exchange of ideas at Food4Future, leaders from esteemed corporations and visionary startup founders converged to dissect the triumphs and setbacks within the realm of FoodTech.

18 Apr 2024
EIT Food South

The session titled 'Navigating Success and Failure in FoodTech: Insights from Corporate Venturing' was held on the 18th of April in the Food4Future fair. Key stakeholders from leading corporates and startups offered a rich tapestry of experiences, lessons learned, and invaluable insights into the dynamic relationship of Corporate Venturing.

Belén Moscoso, Corporate Venturing Manager at EIT Food, was the moderator of the session, who introduced the leaders of the round table:

  • Javier Fernández, High Value Crops Production System Manager at John Deere
  • José Antonio Risquez, Director of Innovation and Business Development at Covap
  • Mariano Oto, CEO of Nucaps
  • Nora Alonso, General Partner at Swanlaab
  • Luis Chimeno, COO and Founder at Oscillum

Among the topics discussed, the session emphasised that ‘this is about people’, underscoring the significance of human connections irrespective of organizational size. At the same time, Mariano Oto stated the pivotal role of knowing the customers to provide the greater service.

We have 2 main challenges: transparence communication and finding a relevant challenge.

- Javier Fernández, High Value Crops Production System Manager at John Deere

Nora Alonso shed light on the disparity between large corporations and small startups, stressing the need to bridge the gap between the two worlds for better understanding and collaboration. Luis Chimeno reflected on the transformative power of failure, remarking ’mistakes have also helped us learn'. Chimeno also advocated for a realistic approach, urging investors to learn to say no when necessary.

We all need to be prepared to deal with open innovation: from the first to the last, everyone needs to know what is going on.

- José Antonio Risquez, Director of Innovation and Business Development at Covap

Moscoso encapsulated the essence of the discussions with her concluding remarks on the importance of fostering a culture of open innovation, creativity, and the recognition of individuals in driving change.

The session served as a beacon of inspiration for those navigating the complex terrain of FoodTech, offering actionable insights and strategies for success in an ever-evolving industry.

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