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EIT Food Consumer Observatory unveiling Healthy Ageing in Food4Future

Changing the mentality of food consumption is key not only to living longer, but also to living better, which is a concept called "healthy ageing". That was one of the conclusions shared in an insightful round table composed by agrifood experts organized by our South team in the Food4Future.

18 Apr 2024
EIT Food South

Delvering into the crucial role of nutrition in promoting healthy ageing, a panel of experts from the EIT Food Consumer Observatory convened on the 17th of April. Under the heading of ‘Advancing Healthy Ageing: Tailored Nutritional Insights and Strategies for Action’ the event drew attention to the profound impact of dietary choices on the ageing process and, overall, quality of life.

Begoña Perez Villarreal, Director of EIT Food South, and Lorena Savani, Mission Lead – Healthier Lives Through Food at EIT Food, opened the round table with an inspiring introduction about the Think Tank regarding the matter, which kick-off happened on the 16th of April.

Professor Klaus Grunert from Aarhus University was first to speak. Grunert provided valuable insights into consumer behaviour, noting the resistance to change in food purchasing and consumption habits. He emphasized the importance of adapting improvements to accommodate individual preferences and circumstances.

Healthy food is not healthy unless we consume it.

- Kolbrún Sveinsdóttir, Project Manager at Matis

The round table moderated by Paula Hafner, Key Account Manager at EIT Food, hosted the topic with key experts representing diverse fields such as academia, research, and industry.

Kolbrún Sveinsdóttir, Project Manager at Matis, Ricardo Ramos Ruiz, Deputy Director at IMDEA Alimentación, Yvonne McMeel, Partnership Manager at University Reading, and Suelen Tracastro de Souza, Head of Health Affairs at Danone were part of the table.

We need education, communication, and dissemination to implement healthy eating habits in society

- Ricardo Ramos Ruiz, Deputy Director at IMDEA Alimentación.

McMeel highlighted the need for personalized nutrition tools to empower individuals in making informed dietary decisions. As well, Tracastro de Souz pointed out the importance of collaboration between industry, academia, and policymakers to drive initiatives aimed at promoting healthy ageing through nutrition.

The event in the Food4Future fair concluded with a consensus on the critical role of tailored nutritional strategies in advancing healthy ageing. Participants agreed on the need for continued research, innovation, and collaborative efforts to empower individuals to make healthier dietary choices as they age.

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