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Food for Thought: The Relationship Between Food, Gut and Brain

Food for Thought: The Relationship Between Food, Gut and Brain

Find out how your diet affects your brain, and your brain affects your diet

The course focuses on the relationship between food, brain and mind:

  • How does the brain work?
  • How do emotions and thoughts affect our food choices?
  • How do diets and nutritional deficiencies affect our brain?
  • Reward systems and their relationship with food
  • The link between the microbiome and brain

Who should join the course

This course is open to everyone, but may be of particular interest to psychologists or people working in health and well-being. No previous experience is required, though a background knowledge of biology or psychology may help.


The course will have multiple runs in 2020 and 2021.  

Learning objectives and outcomes

Once completed, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the role of our diet on brain function;
  • Reflect on the role of psychological and neurobiological factors in our food choices;
  • Reflect on the possible causes (biological, social, psychological) of unhealthy and pathological eating behaviours;
  • Describe the connection between the brain and our digestive system (gut); and
  • Discuss the topics of the course and their relationship with daily life.

How to join the course

This course is available on FutureLearn:


The following partners are involved in the project


Project Lead

Alessandro Cicerale

University of Turin

Contact details

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